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Biodiesel fuel inflection business of used cooking oil

Last update date February 20, 2019


We began business to collect used cooking oil of elementary school in the city from 2009 in Yokohama-shi, and to become biodiesel fuel, and to use.
Collection of used cooking oil, the refinement, transportation of biodiesel fuel entrust private welfare facilities in the city and perform.
Refined fuel is using as light oil substitute by municipal bus of Transportation Bureau as heavy oil substitute of private generator which water reproduction center of Environmental Planning Bureau uses in emergency now.

Figure of biodiesel fuel utilization business structure

With biodiesel fuel (BDF)

We call light oil, heavy oil alternative fuel (fuel for diesel engine) made from oil derived from living thing such as cloza oil, sunflower oil and various used cooking oils (tempura oil) with biodiesel fuel (BDF (BioDieselFuel)) collectively. Even if BDF exhausts CO2 by the combustion that plant performs photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from all over the atmosphere and grows up, it is green fuel which the atmospheric CO2 gross weight does not increase (carbon neutral means this way of thinking.).


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