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"We made house re-energy." (running out of spare campaign to re-energy electricity for the city companies)

Last update date July 21, 2020

Yokohama-shi publishes decarbonization "Zero Carbon Yokohama" until 2050 and pushes forward approach of expansion of renewable energy leading to carbon dioxide emission reduction that is cause of global warming.
Interest in re-energy electricity has been increasing, but Yokohama-shi carries out campaign to provide supply menu information of "re-energy electricity ※" of aggressive retail electricity company for supply of re-energy electricity unitarily for all of the city companies these days because some says that there is little information to examine switching.
Expansion of ESG investment that focused on element of environment, society, governance advances, and management that put decarbonization in the viewpoint is evaluated, and, as for the switching to "re-energy electricity", acquisition of not only warming measures and contribution to SDGs but also new customer and business partner is connected for extended growth of business more.

※Ratio of electricity (we include FIT electricity) derived from renewable energy (re-energy rate) is 30% or more, and, in this campaign, "re-energy electricity" says with electricity which put environmental value with non-fossil papers together. In addition, the power supply constitution ratio of renewable energy is 22-24% and, in the energy mixture of 2030 set in basic engery plan of country, says with 30% or more because we promote eager approach more than this.

About campaign


"We made house re-energy."


All of the companies in Yokohama-shi
(when we did electricity switching in the city office, application of campaign is limited)


From Wednesday, July 15, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Friday, December 25


In the special website, we introduce supply menu of "re-energy electricity" which 19 retail electricity companies (at July 15) which had you approve of this campaign provide. By performing switching, may become cheaper than electricity bill contracting now (electricity bill does not become cheaper by all means).
In all of the city companies, you see each menu, and please confirm the details such as menu contents or contract in retail electricity company with interest, interest.

※About contract of low pressure (light), carry out in from Friday, July 31, 2020 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020; of "together together nature can have change in the electricity" campaign. For more details, look at this website.

Flyer downloading

Please see flyer (PDF: 2,060KB) about privilege of merit and campaign using campaign.

"We made house re-energy." Campaign common knowledge flyer

Campaign special website

We publish in Yokohama SDGs Design Center homepage.
On Design Center homepage, we compare menu every re-energy rate, and you can see.
・URL: (the outside site)

List of campaign agreement retail electricity companies (the order of the kana syllabary)

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