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We choose eco-friendly electricity

Last update date September 12, 2019

As for carbon dioxide which is main cause of global warming, about 50% is exhausted by use of "electricity".

In that, there is reason for generation method why you exhaust carbon dioxide when you use "electricity".
About 80% of Japanese generation electric energy uses "fossil fuels" such as natural gas and coal, oil, and, in the case of thermal power generation, fossil fuel exhausts much carbon dioxide.

In other words, we use electricity if we use, and global warming will advance.

On the other hand, in the case of generation, "renewable energy" such as sunlight or wind power does not exhaust carbon dioxide.
Do you not do electricity to use at home for "eco-friendly electricity" made by renewable energy either?

For more details, please confirm "(PDF: 555KB) to choose eco-friendly electricity" leaflet.

※Even if it chooses eco-friendly electricity, it is important for supply of renewable energy to continue energy saving such as power saving because there is limit.

How to choose of "eco-friendly electricity"

There are two methods that we choose "eco-friendly electricity" as.

  1. Home generation of electricity
    Method to install sunlight panel in home. It is helpful at the time of disaster if we match with battery, but there are problems of expense and meeting, lease house, setting place.
  2. Electric power company, contract plan change
    Electric power company supplying electricity of renewable energy and method to change to plan. Principle construction does not occur, too and can easily apply for most electric power companies on the Internet.
    ※We confirm contract information including condition at the time of electric bill and the cancellation of a contract on change well, and let's make a contract after having understood.

Point of "electric power company, contract plan change"

Let's choose electric power company and contract plan of renewable energy with high ratio by "power supply constitution" of electric power company.
Power supply constitution is breakdown of power supply (fossil fuel and renewable energy) used for generation.

Please confirm power supply constitution at homepage or inquiry window of electric power company.
It will be good to refer to comparison site.

"Electric power company, contract plan change" Q&A

Q.Does blackout not become easy to happen?

A.Quality of electricity itself does not change possibility of blackout even if we change electric power company because it is kept.
In addition, electric power company bankruptcy electricity is supplied from local electric power company till electricity does not stop suddenly, and is replaced by new contract when withdraw.

Q.Can you change electric power company even if you live in apartment and lease house?

A.If contract name is the person, we can change freely. (when you purchase and make an electric contract in the whole apartment through ※ Residential Association in a lump, please confirm in Residential Association.)

Q.Construction do cost?

A.Because electricity is sent through existing electric wire, there is not construction such as drawing electric wire newly. In addition, exchange is necessary when smart meter is non-setting, but expense does not incur in principle, too.

Q.What kind of electric power company is available?

A.From gas company and energy-related companies such as oil wholesale, many companies including carriers such as cell-phones enter. We can choose electric power company and plan that you had freely.

To the times selectable as for the electricity <electric utility deregulation inquiry window>

Only each local electric power company sold until now and was not able to choose electricity which company family bought electricity from.
However, entries from April, 2016 to electric retail business were had full-scale liberalization (retail entire surface liberalization of electricity) of, and each us came to be able to choose electric power company and rate menu.

Person who wants to know overall electric utility deregulation
Website (the outside site) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Agency for Natural Resource and Energy
◆Inquiry window (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Agency for Natural Resource and Energy) about electric utility deregulation
<Reception hours> 9:00-18:00
 ※On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays are excluded

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