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Yokohama-shi agriculture committee

Last update date August 20, 2020

You can see information of agriculture committee from this.

With agriculture committee

Based on "law about agriculture committees", it is administration set up by the municipalities.
Agriculture committee performs procedure that they were able to decide by law for Agricultural Land Law, and they perform examination of postponement system of inheritance tax for farmland or procedure for farmer's pension. In addition, we perform activity about optimization of use of farmland including the use situation investigation of farmland.
In Yokohama-shi, we divide city limits into two, and agriculture committee (Yokohama-shi center agriculture committee, agriculture committee in southwestern Yokohama-shi) is set up by each.

Place, contact information of the secretariat of each agriculture committee and territorial jurisdiction

Area classification

Contact information of each agriculture committee
Place, contact information of the secretariatTerritorial jurisdiction
Yokohama-shi center agriculture committee

TEL: 045-948-2475, FAX: 045-948-2488
32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi
Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building 4F
-About Tsuzuki Ward   general government building guidance -
◆FAQ of central agriculture committee◆

Tsurumi, Kanagawa
Hodogaya, Asahi, Kohoku
Green, green leaves, Tsuzuki
Agriculture committee in southwestern Yokohama-shi

TEL: 045-866-8495, FAX: 045-862-4351
16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Totsuka Ward synthesis government building 8F
-About Totsuka Ward general government building guidance -

West, average, south, Konan
Isogo, Kanazawa, Tozuka
Sakae, spring, Seya


To summary page of agriculture committee
1.Constitution of agriculture committee
2.The committee member fixed number of each agriculture committee
3.State of implementation of each agriculture committee desk work
4.Guideline about promotion of optimization of the use such as farmland
5.Summaries about election of agriculture committee member and use of farmland optimization promotion committee member

Main work

○Conversion (by farmland the use for the purpose of other than farmland) of farmland
We can download application of report of farmland conversion

Right movement (loan, buying and selling as farmland) of farmland

Issuance of proof

○The tax payment postponement system (inheritance tax, gift tax)

Creation construction of farmland

Farmer's pension

About the agriculture committee minutes

About the proceedings of agriculture committee (general meeting), we make the minutes in each agriculture committee and can read.
For more details, please contact each agriculture committee.

News from agriculture committee

News from Yokohama agriculture committee

About public announcement of farmland account book

By "farmland navigators of the whole country", we can read farmland information on the Internet. (to page of farmland navigators of the whole country) (the outside site)

FAQ (common question)

In central agriculture committee, we introduce about question, inquiry contents to have well.
◆FAQ about central agriculture committee◆
(territorial jurisdiction: Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, Asahi, Kohoku, green, green leaves, Tsuzuki)

◆Southwest agriculture committee◆
(territorial jurisdiction: west, average, south, Konan, Isogo, Kanazawa, Tozuka, Sakae, spring, Seya)
Please refer to southwest Agricultural Committee Secretariat.

※Please contact us for your inquiries such as conversion of farmland to agriculture committee of the jurisdiction.

Inquiry to this page

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Telephone: 045-671-2630

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