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The use guide

Last update date August 27, 2018

The use in garden, please follow the following matters

(1) You injure facility in garden, and please do not pollute
(2) Please do not steal felling or vegetables, flower, fruit of tree
(3) Dog walking, please put reed
(4) Owner, please take responsibility for settlement of feces
(5) Please do not feed animal in garden without any reason
(6) Please do not abandon pet in garden
(7) Please stop by all means if you use water supply
(8) Please do not enter no-go zone in garden
(9) Please do not ride vehicle except the person concerned
(10) Please do not install advertisements thing such as poster or poster without permission
(11) Please do not bring in gunpowder, fuel, poison and dynamite
(12) Fire such as open fire, barbecue becomes put in principle under ban of use
(13) Please do not do act disturbing other users including smoking act, catch radio control airplane, air gun
(14) Please do not throw away garbage
(15) In addition, please do not do act that injures park facility, and pollutes, and disturbs use of park of other users

In the park, the following acts need permission of the mayor.

(1) Do act to be similar to sale of article, these donation or other.
(2) Do act to be similar to advertisement photograph or these filming of movie or other as the work. (shooting in individuals is free)
(3) Run a show.
(4) You ride kind of vehicle and oxen and horses onto place except appointed place or keep.
(5) Enter no-go zone.
(6) You monopolize all or part of park for event to be similar to competition, exhibition, exhibition, festival, these meeting or other temporarily, and use.
(7) Use fire such as fireworks, campfire
When permission is necessary, please submit act permission application (word: 32KB) in park to environmental activity support center.
In addition, please submit including park fee for use reduction of taxes application (word: 27KB) as reduction of taxes of the park fee for use may be applied when we use in public purpose.
When we use fire, fire smoke generating registration form (PDF: 3KB) is necessary, too. Please submit this to firefighting branch office of neighborhood. (we submit within five days before the use date and time)

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