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Summary and application method of the life memorial tree

We present sapling from the city in commemoration of turning point of the life.

Last update date November 1, 2020

We give commemorative sapling produced to celebrate joy such as birth, marriage to have memory for the life in the city in Yokohama-shi. You put on garden and flowerpot, and please greatly bring up joy.


About 2020 (the latter period) distribution

Sapling distribution from 4⽉1⽇ to ⽅ which had you apply for ⼈⽣ memorial tree by 8⽉31⽇ was finished in 2020.

About 2021 (the first half year) distribution

Seedling ⽊ distribution to ⽅ which had you apply for ⼈⽣ memorial tree to 3⽉31⽇ from 9⽉1⽇ in 2021 in 2020 is yo in around June, 2021 (in ⽇ hodo, undecided)
Constant; is doing.
We will tell eligible people by reply postcard (⽅ which had you apply by sen ⽤ postcard) or den ⼦ email (⽅ which had you apply on the Internet) within two weeks before distribution.

About new coronavirus kansenshokaku ⼤ ⽌-proof measures at the time of ⼈⽣ memorial tree distribution

• About distribution worker, we carry out thermometry in ⽇ before distribution and our ⽇.
• We carry out arrival at mask ⽤ of distribution worker and periodical alcohol application.

Application method and selectable tree class

Target person

Yokohama-shi residence invited either commemorative next to applies.
◆Birth  ◆Nursery school, kindergarten admission  ◆Elementary school entrance to school  ◆Adult (20-year-old birthday) ◆Employment
◆Marriage  ◆Gold gets married (50 years)  ◆Silver gets married (25 years)  ◆Celebration of longevity (sixtieth birthday, seventy years of age, Age of Joy, umbrella Kotobuki, eighty-eighth birthday, Kotobuki that is a graduate, white Kotobuki)
◆New citizen (transference from the suburbs)  ◆New construction, the purchase, extension and/or alteration of house
*** *** that it is necessary to further satisfy the next important matter
(1) Application day being less than one year before and after memorial day
※About adult, celebration of longevity, day becoming age applies to there being within anteroposterior one year.
(2) Planting sapling distributed in Yokohama-shi (possible potted plant)
(3) By the same memory contents, do not apply to past
(4) Eligible people performing application (in the case of birth, even as for the protector, possible)

Application method

By exclusive postcard in the case of application
  1. Please receive application postcard in Public Relations Section of each ward office.
  2. Please fill in required items on application column of application postcard and reply column.
  3. Put ⼿ two pieces running out of 63 yen (※ 1) on both sides (letter sent to get a reply, reply) of postcard, to Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion section life memorial tree charge pass, and please mail.
    • [address] 〒 231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi the 27th floor of the city hall (※ 2)
    • Or you put 63-yen stamp (※ 1) on reply side one piece, and please submit to ward office Public Relations Section.

※As postage ⾦ was changed from 10⽉1⽇ in 2019, with revision of 1 consumption tax rate, please be careful.
※As Address of Yokohama City Hall was changed from 6⽉1⽇ in 2 2020, please be careful.
[when city hall old Address is listed in postcard destination]
⇒Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like correction in new Address (〒 231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi the 27th floor of the city hall).

It is application on the Internet
About case that email from Yokohama-shi does not reach

Even if application completion email (notice of arrival) arrives about person applied for using electronic application system, there become a great many inquiries that news email (notice of distribution) did not reach on distribution day.

When news email does not arrive on distribution day even if scheduled distribution date approaches, sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to green up promotion section (045-671-3447).

In addition, as cause that email does not reach, the following reasons increase.

  • Junk email or spoofing email are judged, and, by initial setting of portable carrier email, they cannot receive
  • We distribute to junk email folder automatically, and it is made by function of security software and E-mail software and cannot confirm email
  • Junk email or spoofing email are judged, and, by service of provider, they cannot receive
  • E-mail address error, etc.
To receive email

Please register to receive the next domain by reception setting of email of errand.

Time and place to distribute

  • We distribute at in principle each ward office.
  • We will tell by reply card (exchange ticket) or E-mail (on the Internet application) within two weeks before distribution day.
  • Application from April through August: We distribute in - around November in the end of October.
  • Application from September through March: We distribute in around June.
※As a general rule, it is two days of Saturday and Sunday on distribution day.
※When we cannot come for receiving during distribution period, it becomes invalid.

Type of sapling

Please choose one from the following tree classes and tree (you apply to living in ward establishing) of ward.
Ward where tree of ward is established can apply for tree of ward. → About tree of ward
About plum ring spot virus

Inquiry to this page

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Telephone: 045-671-3447

Telephone: 045-671-3447

Fax: 045-224-6627

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