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Radiation dose in facilities such as citizen's forests

Final update date August 18, 2020

Measurement details

We measure space γ (gamma) dose of ground surface 1cm and 50cm about facilities in citizen's forest.

Announcement of measurement results

We will announce it after the day after the measurement date.
・List of radiation measurement results of places that may become micro spots in citizen's forests, etc. (A and B at the end are the types of measuring instruments.)

Yokohama Nature Observation Forest, Kamariya Citizen's Forest, Maioka Hometown Forest (PDF: 49KB) (A)

Araizawa Citizen's Forest, Toyokenji Citizen's Forest, Kamoihara Citizen's Forest (PDF: 46KB) (A)

Oiwake / Yashi Citizen's Forest, Shinji Citizen's Forest (PDF: 42KB) (A)

Sakai tree contact forest, Kamiyabe contact forest, Tojio contact forest (PDF: 42KB) (A)

Izumi no Mori Fureai Forest, Tsurugamine Fureai Forest, Shirane Fureai Forest, (PDF: 42KB) (A)

Segami Citizen's Forest, Hitorizawa Citizen's Forest (PDF: 41KB) (A)

Teraya Hometown Forest, Moegino Fureai Forest, Kamiyama Fureai Forest, Miho Citizen Forest (PDF: 46KB) (B)

Nosakarigafuchi Citizen's Forest, Witrich Forest, Iijima Citizen's Forest, Kamigo Citizen's Forest (PDF: 42KB) (B)

Komaoka Nakago Citizen's Forest, Kabuto Tsuka Fureai Forest, Tsunashima Citizen's Forest, Kumano Shrine Citizen's Forest (PDF: 42KB) (B)

Sekigaya Citizen's Forest, Shomeiji Citizen's Forest, Shibanagahama Green Space, Mine Citizen's Forest (PDF: 41KB) (B)

Miyazawa contact forest, Higashiyama contact forest, Seya citizen forest, Sasanodai green tract of land, Futamatagawa new town green tract of land, Sakuragaoka green tract of land (PDF: 43KB) (B)

Koki Castle Ruins Citizen's Forest, Shishigaya Citizen's Forest, Shirahata Nishi Ryokuchi (PDF: 39KB) (B)

Inokoyama Ryokuchi, Ichizawa Fureai Forest, Minamihonjyuku Citizen's Forest, Shimonagaya Citizen's Forest, Ooka 3-chome Ryokuchi (PDF: 41KB) (B)

Nakata contact forest, Koigakubo contact forest, Tomizuka Yawata green tract of land (PDF: 41KB) (B)

About measuring instruments

There are two types of measuring instruments used for measurement.

(A) : TCS-172B (made by Hitachi Aloka Medical Corporation)
Detector NaI (TI) scintillation detector
(B) : Mr.Ganma A2700 (Clear Pulse)
Detector CsI (TI) scintillation detector

Measurement results of air dose

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