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Park de health promotion

Using imminent park, do you not work on health promotion? Without special facility and facilities, we show blue sky art to easily have. Effect actual feeling, pleasure double, volunteer activity of consecutive park improving are most suitable for health promotion if they do together than they do alone. We gather in park, and let's widen spirit and ring of connection of smile.

Last update date March 12, 2019

"Park de health promotion" booklet (PDF: 14,743KB)

Let's push forward park de health promotion

Park is used as place of health promotion to be able to enjoy walk and sports in environment that is full of green by many everybodies. Park of number more than 2,600 is in Yokohama-shi. It is small park of comparative scale that about 90% of those is in area. We utilize imminent park near such home and want you to develop the cause of blue sky, activity of health promotion in local. We made this book to realize such thought. We call out to the neighbor and neighborhood who cannot usually create opportunity of exercise that home is apt to be filled with, and let's gather in saa, park!

We have Mr. Emiko Kuroda of healthy exercise instruction person supervise this booklet

Mr. Kuroda devises how to use and the correction method of body which pain does not happen as healthy exercise instruction person and teaches how to walk "care walking ®" for knee ache, the low back pain prevention and the care prevention. We made "knee knee wakkun exercises" in Tsurumi Ward.

Director Managing Director Tokai University medical department honorary member associate professor, NPO corporation Japan health campaign instruction person society. Adviser serves in MIZUNO Corporation, too. A lot of books. It is a lot of appearance to newspaper, TV, radio.

Point of this booklet

Point 1 [let's check everyday posture]

  • Because, at first, basics of health promotion wear how to get right postures in everyday life
  • Point "hip joint." We know check method to have by oneself, and let's practice
  • We tell each other's refinements by mutual checks, and let's assist the making of better posture

Point 2 [let's know art of park de health promotion]

  • The making of body which learns way of exercises and stretch that can feel free to contact using park facilities which there is anywhere such as benches in imminent park, and does not hurt knee and waist
  • Let's understand checkpoint to nominate effect for
  • There is exercise effect just to go back and forth at park and home, and, at first, we leave house, and let's gather in park

Point 3 [let's utilize health promotion program]

  • We will practice in pleasure double, group if we do exercise difficult to do together alone
  • If learn procedure to apply program in, as for anyone to health promotion leader
  • Activity of park protection society is most suitable for health promotion!

Point 4 [let's adopt hint of health promotion continuation]

  • Can continue; forked road. There is hint to continue working
  • Let's utilize various support of Yokohama-shi positively
  • If ring of participation spreads; area in spirit

In health promotion base of everybody local in park

Park is place to be able to enjoy walk or sports in green. There are many parks in the city, but the most are small parks of comparative scale that is familiar to area. There are many parks without mall and exclusive facility such as healthy playground equipment which you can go around, but local gathers in familiar park which there is in area and makes good use of existing facilities such as open space or bench, and please utilize as base working on health promotions such as the locomotive syndrome prevention.
In environment that is full of the cause of blue sky, extensive green, local friends gather, and by working on health promotion, health benefit increases.

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