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Park which is done of cherry blossom viewing

Last update date August 11, 2020

Request about use of park in cherry blossom viewing period

 Because congestion is expected in the park in cherry blossom viewing period, for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we surround large dish between the workplace and friends and would appreciate your writing down the use such as in banquet with eating and drinking.
 In addition, when we open lunch and are eaten, we find other users and distance of uniformity degree, and approach to prevention of infection spread would like having a cough etiquette be thorough when we enjoy cherry blossom viewing while taking a walk as manner in use of park or family in total, too.

 Please see "post in charge of management of park" list page about inquiry about each park.

Introduction of done park of cherry blossom viewing

Various plants are planted in park to be able to enjoy rich scenery seasonally.
Above all, plum and cherry blossoms blooming in spring may aim for cherry blossom viewing and are known type.
In addition, flower of city was decided on "rose" in Yokohama in commemoration of opening of a port 130 years of the 100th anniversary of the municipal administration.
Here, let's introduce famous spot of flower park which can be also known as targeting at those three kinds of flowers.

[ask] Parking lot is crowded very much at flowering time of cherry blossoms. Please use public transport as much as possible.

Park which is done of cherry blossom viewing

Type of flower

Park name
Cherry blossoms Prefectural Mitsuike Park (the outside site)
Cherry blossoms Mitsuzawa Park
Cherry blossoms Kougaya Park
Cherry blossoms Kamonyama Park
Cherry blossoms Nogeyama Park
Plum, cherry blossoms Negishi Forest Park
Cherry blossoms Motomachi Park
Cherry blossoms Tomioka General Park
Plum, cherry blossoms Kuraki Park
Plum, cherry blossoms Prefectural Hodogaya Park (the outside site)
Plum, cherry blossoms Yokohama City Jido-yuenchi Park
Cherry blossoms Nojimakoen
Cherry blossoms Irifune park (the outside site)
Plum Kanazawa nature park
Plum, cherry blossoms Kodomo Natural Park
Cherry blossoms Tsunashima Park
Plum, cherry blossoms Okurayama Park
Cherry blossoms Futoo bank city park
Cherry blossoms Tachibanadai Park
Plum Okamura Park
Rose Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen)
Rose Yamashita Park
Rose Yokohama-shi child botanical garden
Cherry blossoms 100, Motomachi step park
Cherry blossoms Yamate Park
Cherry blossoms Sakuradai Park
Cherry blossoms Maioka Park


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