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Child log house

Last update date March 25, 2020

Playground equipment that spiral slide, maze under the ground, children including the net up can play happily is various

Child log house
Name of the facility Telephone The location, traffic guidance
Utsukushigaoka Park child log house (rocket house) (the outside site) 902-6925 2-22, Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku
Tama-Plaza Station (Tokyu) 10-minute walk
Kamishirane Oike Park child log house (oikerando) 951-8127 910-3, Kamishiranecho, Asahi-ku
Bus: Kamishirane-cho (from Sotetsu Tsurugamine Station) 5-minute walk
Izumi stand park child log house (spirit native) (the outside site) 803-2270 6209-1, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Izumino Station (Sotetsu) 5-minute walk
Yokodai station square park child log house (interesting house) (the outside site) 833-1569 5-2, Yokoudai, Isogo-ku
Yokodai Station (JR) 3-minute walk

Kandaiji Chuo Park child log house (Tom so shop)

491-4664 3-25, Kandaiji, Kanagawa-ku
Bus: West Kandaiji, Daimaru, Kandaiji entrance (from Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi) 5-minute walk
Yahata, Tomioka Park child log house (good friend gull) 769-2530 4-12, Tomiokahigashi, Kanazawa-ku
Namiki-Kita Station (seaside line) 10-minute walk
Taipei, Konan Park child log house (acorn house) (the outside site) 834-1169 1-3, Kounandai, Kounan-ku
Konandai Station (JR) 15-minute walk
Tsunashima Park child log house (mokki) (the outside site) 547-4556 1, Tsunashimadai, Kouhoku-ku
Tsunashima Station (Tokyu) 8-minute walk
Katsurayama Park child log house (Rocky) (the outside site) 893-2622 16-1, Katsuradainaka, Sakae-ku
Bus: Katsurayama Park (Ofuna Station, from Konandai Station) 1-minute walk

Seya Chuo Park child log house (marutanoshiro)

304-4169 2-28-4, Hongo, Seya-ku
Seya Station (Sotetsu) 15-minute walk
Kamoike Park child log house (good land) 942-1569 3-2, Edahigashi, Tsuzuki-ku
Bus: Ikeda (from subway Nakamachidai Station) 5-minute walk
Shirohata Park child log house (piccolo) 582-9944 2-12, Higashiterao, Tsurumi-ku
Bus: Ex-Emperor treasury former (from Tsurumi Station West Exit) 5-minute walk
Landing park child log house (mew paku fort) (the outside site) 865-5869 8-11, Gumizawa, Totsuka-ku
Landing (subway) 5-minute walk
Hakuyou Park child log house (oak lodge) 641-1169 89-1, Kashiwaba, Naka-ku
Bus: Hakuyou (from Sakuragicho Station) 3-minute walk
Sakainotani Park child log house (we take little child) 253-6972 105-1, Sakainotani, Nishi-ku
Bus: Sakainotani (from Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi, Yokohama Station East Exit) 7-minute walk

Kawajima-machi Park child log house (adventure house) (the outside site)

373-8566 825-1, Kawashimacho, Hodogaya-ku
Nishiya Station (Sotetsu) 20-minute walk
Kirigaoka Park child log house (drill native land) 922-0991 5-24, Kirigaoka, Midori-ku
Bus: A 5-minute walk before the Kirigaoka center (from Tokaichiba Station others)
Nagataminamidai Park child log house (naughtiness house) 742-1169 4, Nagataminamidai, Minami-ku
Bus: South Nagata housing complex (from Keikyu Idogaya Station) 3-minute walk

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