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Kodomo Natural Park (Asahi Ward)

Last update date June 26, 2020

"torideno forest athletic playground equipment" reopens the use of "barbecue ground" from July 1 from June 24. ※Sequentially of little child Zoo contact corner cannot use.

shingata coronavirus nikiotsukeyo!

  • When is waiting for idle time and turn, tonarinohitotoaidaoakemasho!
  • When we are not crowded, we follow turn, and let's use!
  • When you are crowded, do not use
  • Do not provide big, getting fat
  • You make mutual concessions together, and play
  • When you are ill, do not use
  • After having played, teoaraimasho

Toward the protector

Adult, please attend child until 6 years old.
In the use, let's put mask
(when we can secure) enough distance (at least 2m or more with people for heat stroke measures outdoors, we will take off mask.)
Congestion (crowd, closeness) may have the use with stopping out of necessity in future when the situation is confirmed.

Picnic spots one of the best in Yokohama-shi

It is park full of nature with pond and Sakurayama, Makigahara little child Zoo, barbecue open space.

Kodomo Natural Park Oike photograph

The location

65-1, Oikecho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi

Means of transportation

  • Sotetsu Line "Futamatagawa" station south exit drop off walk 15 minutes
  • It is Asahi 1, Asahi 6 system "Makigahara center" or "Makigahara Oike" drop off walk three minutes from the Sotetsu bus "Futamatagawa Station south exit"
  • A 7-minute walk from Sotetsu Line "Minamimakigahara" station
  • Free bicycle parking lots (next entrance open space)
  • 449 toll parking lots

As parking lot is crowded when there are flowering time and event of cherry blossoms, we would appreciate your using public transport.
Reference rink "may ride bicycle in park?"

News from facility

About use of park for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

For prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus, please use about next with caution enough.

  1. Ill-conditioned person, please refrain from the use.
  2. We choose not crowded time and place and use, and let's take distance above a certain level to crowd, and not to be very close.
  3. In the use, we put on mask and wash our hands after having played playground equipments, and let's gargle.
  4. Please perform jogging in park with a small number of people.

Particularly, infection risk including "closeness", please do not make the situation becoming higher "crowd" that few become a dependent on not to speak loudly, and to gather in great numbers to use not to monopolize to use shorter not to use if compound playground equipments with much use are crowded in park facility (bench, open space, arbor). In addition, let's take off mask for heat stroke measures when we can secure distance 2m or more.

Announcement of construction

Kodomo Natural Park Sakurayama is constructing now.

Park facility summary

In this park, in the case of development of the vicinity of Sotetsu Line whole area advanced in the 30, Showa generation, city maintained adjoining land based on land of 23.6ha donated from Soutetsu Line in form to agree with city planning put up for green maintenance for the future from purchase, 1968.
We were informed as about 6,600 square meters of ponds which played a key role of park were made as irrigation reservoir in the middle of Edo era, and, in the case of the great famine of the Tenmei era, water and fish of this pond saved starvation and thirst of many people.
Sarasvati is enshrined in by a pond and is called another name "Oike Park" even now at that time from place got close as "Oike of Motoshuku".
Good nature which relaxed is left for hill country which did led by Oike in this park with the largest area in Yokohama and can enjoy seasonal scenery.
Bairin, Sakurayama is in particular full of many people in season of flower.
In addition, in the Makigahara little child Zoo, young people field service center, we can understand nature more deeply.
Kodomo Natural Park natural experience-based facility performs management by designated manager.



Opening of the park

June, 1972 <wide area Park>

Guide map in garden

Guide map in garden

Main facility introduction

torideno forest large size playground equipment is one of the facilities particularly popular in Kodomo Natural Park.
In adventure playground equipment which included a lot of elements of athletic for (6-12 years old) more than primary schoolchild, we can challenge to play depending on own physical strength variously.

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