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About conduct of patrol such as pasturage of dog in park

Last update date March 6, 2019

Even if dog is large places such as parks, owner is to moor by the regulations (the outside site) about protection of Yokohama-shi animal and management.

Enlightenment signboard including pasturage of dog

Many all of you use park, but other park users by pasturage of dog, dogs, troubles between owners occur frequently.

We will carry out patrol such as pasturage of dog by Yokohama-shi animal appropriate breeding instructor or member of promotion in future to secure the safe use in park.

About breeding of dog, please see the regulations (the outside site) about protection of homepage and Yokohama-shi animal of Yokohama-shi animal protection center and management.
※Please refer to Health and Welfare Center of each ward office for method of teaching manners classrooms of dog.

You follow rule, and please use park so that everybody is available comfortably.

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