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Yokohama-shi circle wisdom flannel Guy creation society

Last update date March 1, 2019

 In Yokohama-shi, it started in private enterprise (TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Hitachi power systems) and "Yokohama-shi circle wisdom flannel Guy creation society" which had advanced technology for realization of system which created plural energy called hydrogen, electricity, heat, methane from sewage biogas (sewage sludge digestion gas) generated in process of the sewerage treatment and performed studies of technical aspect.
 This system contributes to inflection of renewable energy which Motoichi aims at, realization of hydrogen society, low-carbon society, local production for local consumption of energy and contributes to expansion of utilization use of sewage biogas used as fuel of generation and incinerator currently.

System constitution

Figure which explains constitution and flow of facilities creating methane, electricity, hydrogen, heat


  • We can create plural energy from sewage biogas which is renewable energy at the same time.
  • We can let quantity of creation of hydrogen increase and decrease by regulating quantity of generation of fuel cell and can cope for change of electricity demand of the night and day or change of future hydrogen demand flexibly.

Study contents

Technical aspect

  • Separation film necessary for multi-energy creation, outline design of system including fuel cell
  • Calculation of amount of energy of quantity of sewage biogas to put into this system and hydrogen, electricity, heat created by this system

Economy, the environmental nature

  • Estimated cost of this system, calculation of greenhouse gas discharge
  • Estimated cost with other generation, hydrogen production technology, comparison of greenhouse gas discharge

Results of research

Related material

Other documents

  • About plan for multi-energy creation utilizing sewage sludge digestion gas [collection of sewer meeting for presenting research papers lectures (2015 52nd p.317)]
  • Practical use [water regime official journal of a scientific society (August, 2015 issue p.292)] of the new refinement technique (methane concentration with high polymer film) for diversification of sewage biogas utilization
  • Study [environmental purification technology (2016 5.6 month issue p.49)] for the sewage biogas refinement technology by film separation method and new utilization method

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