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International contribution, international exchange of the sewer

Last update date June 11, 2020

We work on international contribution in the field of sewer and international exchange business positively to aim at activation of improvement in position and the city economy of Yokohama by the Yokohama-shi sewer business, and to bring up human resources playing an active part globally and push forward international development by citizen cooperation.

The training acceptance and overseas deployment

We dispatch acceptance of intern and expert to foreign countries to contribute to problem solution about the sewer in foreign countries including rising nation by inflection of the sewer technology and business administration know-how that Motoichi has.

Acceptance of the training and visit

※As correspondence of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we should cancel acceptance of visit to facility for the time being.
We accept visit to facility and the training for overseas engineer in JICA training or specialists in overseas educational institution.

The acceptance results
The acceptance year The number of the acceptance countries The acceptance number of people
2019/2019 40 countries 372 people
2018 43 countries 267 people
2017 62 countries 513 people
2016 40 countries 441 people
2015 32 countries 194 people
2014 20 countries 137 people
2013 54 countries 389 people
2012 33 countries 264 people
2011 Ten countries 265 people

Overseas deployment

We dispatch the staff of specialized field for technical cooperation project, overseas investigation in connection with related organizations.

The dispatch results
The dispatch year The number of the dispatch countries

The dispatch number of people
(total number of persons)

2019 Five countries 26 people
2018 11 countries 46 people
2017 Four countries 38 people
2016 Four countries 27 people
2015 Three countries 20 people
2014 Seven countries 23 people

International conference

We participate in international conference, exhibition that advanced technology gathers and publicize intelligence such as advanced technology or overseas needs, the sewer technology of Yokohama-shi.


Utility Management Conference 2020 (international conference affecting technique of the field of water and sewage in the United States)

WEFTEC 2019 (water regime league annual meeting in America)


3rd Water and Wastewater Festival (the country Department of Energy Channel, sewer international conference in Iran hosted by public corporation and exhibition)

6th Joint EWA/JSWA/WEF Conference 2018 (federation of association of association of EWA (Europe water) /JSWA (Japan sewer) /WEF (United States water regime)) extraordinary meeting

Smart City Knowledge Development Mission to Suva, Fiji (smart city ability development mission in Fiji Suva)

The eleventh IWA world meeting, exhibition (all following five cases poster announcement)

WEFTEC 2018 (water regime league annual meeting in America)

The House of construction technology research workshop in Korea


WWCF 2017 (KIWW 2017) (world water city forum (Korean international water week))
10 cities (organization) including Yokohama-shi sign "world water city cooperation declaration" in participation cities (organization).

WEFTEC 2017 (water regime league annual meeting in America)


WEFTEC 2016 (water regime league annual meeting in America)


Water & Energy 2015 (association of federation of association of EWA (Europe water) /WEF (United States water regime) /JSWA (Japan sewer) extraordinary meeting)

IWA LESAM 2015 (association of international water strategic asset management meeting held in Yokohama)


WEFTEC 2014 (water regime league annual meeting in America)


ICFR 2013 (international conference about inundation, flood measures in Europe, Asia)

WEFTEC 2013 (water regime league annual meeting in America)


Sewage Works of Yokohama
The "sewer of Yokohama" English version

The Wealth of Resources in Sewage Sludge - Sludge Treatment Center -
Of "resources as for the sewage sludge treasure house - sludge exploitation of resources center" English version

PR video

We make PR video to introduce approach of the sewer business of Yokohama-shi to intern from foreign countries.
It is ... for inland waters hazard PR video - heavy rain of Yokohama-shi

Let's know the sewer of Yokohama

Deterioration and redevelopment of the sewer infrastructure

Other approaches

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