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Announcement of research result of the sewer

Last update date January 16, 2020

We send the sewer technology of Yokohama-shi through presentation of the results of the study such as the country and international conference positively.

The sewer meeting for presenting research papers

As for the sewer meeting for presenting research papers (sponsorship: nonprofit foundation Japan sewer association), country, local public entity, research organization, researchers such as private enterprises and practitioner announce results of research about technique or the sewer management in conjunction with the sewer.
Yokohama-shi participates from the first (1964) every time and announces.

Publication to publication

We publish article, article about the Yokohama-shi sewer in the following publications.
When you want to see article, article of title, please see each publication.

International conference that American water regime league (WEF) holds

For more details, please see page of international contribution, international exchange.

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The Environmental Planning Bureau sewer plan adjustment subordinate Channel business management section (the sewer technology development charge)

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Telephone: 045-671-2941

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