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The 55th sewer meeting for presenting research papers 2018 Kitakyusyu holding

Last update date March 1, 2019

List of announcement articles
Announcement title Article data
Approach for further improvement of Yokohama-shi sewer BCP Article (PDF: 736KB)
About equipments deployment that assumed outbreak and investigation into major earthquake base construction training Article (PDF: 477KB)
About effective screening investigation by nozzle camera introduction Article (PDF: 1,120KB)
About the execution management and data accumulation, inflection of sewage trachea redevelopment business utilizing GIS Article (PDF: 506KB)
Investigation into digestion gas examination for increase in quantity by biomass acceptance except sewage sludge Article (PDF: 355KB)
Evaluation examination of the inundation risk on the basis of local characteristic for the excess rain Article (PDF: 396KB)
About long-term plan for rebuilding of the sewer facility Article (PDF: 1,168KB)
Behavior in water reproduction center adjacent to sludge exploitation of resources center of mercury Article (PDF: 546KB)
Examination of the para-AOAO method driving in Yokohama-shi central part water reproduction center Article (PDF: 464KB)
Publicity work of water reproduction center that took root in area Article (PDF: 372KB)
About energy saving by weather data revision control of blower Article (PDF: 394KB)
About inspection by dynamic analysis for earthquake-resistant diagnosis result in pumping facility Article (PDF: 792KB)
Examination of Operating Conditions for Improving Nitrogen and Phosphorus Treatment of Recycle Flow Article (PDF: 404KB)
International Sewerage Developments and Water and Environment Solution Hub Utilization by City of Yokohama Article (PDF: 220KB)

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