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The 54th Sewerage Research Presentation Held in Tokyo 2017

Final update date March 1, 2019

List of papers published
Publishing title dissertation data
Inundation measures in Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi [inland water (sewer), outside water (river) cooperation business] Thesis (PDF: 684KB)
Efforts for detailed measures to prevent inundation (Asahi Public Works Office Thesis (PDF: 253KB)
Yokohama City Rainwater Reservoir Biotope Management Priority and Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives Thesis (PDF: 394KB)
About preventive maintenance type maintenance approach in sewer installation pipe in Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi Thesis (PDF: 682KB)
Water quality telemeter monitoring in Yokohama Dissertation (PDF: 350KB)
Development of a Restructuring Vision Dissertation (PDF: 404KB)
About designation of flood damage measures area Thesis (PDF: 876KB)
Study on the creation of hydrogen from digestive gas at the Yokohama City Marchier Nelgy Creation Study Group Thesis (PDF: 578KB)
Initiatives for practical use of pipeline research technology using drones in collaboration with industry, academia and government Dissertation (PDF: 797KB)
Construction and Public Relations of the Temporarily Toystem Directly Connected to Seeers in Yokohama City City Dissertation (PDF: 499KB)
Efforts to build a support system for disasters Thesis (PDF: 375KB)
Training for Sewerage BCP·Training Initiatives Thesis (PDF: 859KB)
Creation of Yokohama-type screen design standards for merger improvement Dissertation (PDF: 444KB)
Conducted sewer pipeline survey training in Yokohama City Sewerage BCP Dissertation (PDF: 469KB)
About conduct of sewer trunk line pipe inspection training in Yokohama-shi Thesis (PDF: 282KB)
Effective publicity by "walking map around water reproduction center" Thesis (PDF: 554KB)
Survey of Chemical Substances Used in Drugs at the Water Reclamation Center Thesis (PDF: 736KB)
Study quantitative management methods for final sedimentation basins Dissertation (PDF: 417KB)
Measures to neutralize reaction tanks Thesis (PDF: 382KB)

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