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The 53rd Sewerage Research Presentation 2016 Nagoya Held

Final update date March 1, 2019

List of papers published
Publishing title dissertation data
Review long-term plans to rebuild sewerage facilities Thesis (PDF: 688KB)
Performance evaluation of Yokohama sewerage business by international benchmarking Dissertation (PDF: 459KB)
International development in the sewerage field of Yokohama City and utilization of hub water and environmental solutions Thesis (PDF: 579KB)
Various PR activities related to maintenance and usage of sewage-directed temporary toilet directly connected to sewage during disasters Dissertation (PDF: 714KB)
Formulation of maintenance guidelines based on formal knowledge of experience Dissertation (PDF: 469KB)
About use of simple camera at the time of sewer pipe cleaning Thesis (PDF: 236KB)
Examples of Blow-up pipelines using existing stock in Yokohama Thesis (PDF: 570KB)
Efforts to redevelop sewer pipes in Yokohama Thesis (PDF: 565KB)
Efforts for early restoration of sewerage pipelines in Yokohama City Sewerage BCP [Excellence Award]  Thesis (PDF: 604KB)
About slope management in pipe rehabilitation work (pipe-making method) Thesis (PDF: 238KB)
Results, issues and countermeasures for 9 years of outsourcing of comprehensive management of the Yokohama City Southern Sludge Recycling Center Thesis (PDF: 257KB)
Evaluation and application of nitrification and denitrification in advanced treatment (A2O) using ammonia nitrates Thesis (PDF: 455KB)
Survey of PHA mobilization in the biological phosphorus removal process of advanced treatment facilities Thesis (PDF: 517KB)
About concentration investigation of direct chain alkylbenzene sulfonic acid and the salt in sewage Thesis (PDF: 221KB)
Verification of the effect of adding sodium hypochlorite in Balking measures Thesis (PDF: 455KB)
Remodeling of existing skeletons in consideration of efficient driving [Excellence Award] Thesis (PDF: 205KB)
Seismic re-diagnosis for pumping facilities that are judged to have difficulty in earthquake resistance during operation Dissertation (PDF: 419KB)
About long-term renewal plan of water regeneration center Thesis (PDF: 274KB)
Construction and trial operation of sludge fuel conversion facilities Dissertation (PDF: 311KB)

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