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The 56th Sewerage Research Presentation 2019 Yokohama Held

Final update date August 28, 2019

List of papers published
Publishing title dissertation data
About effect verification of sewage heat utilization system in Yokohama-shi Thesis (PDF: 533KB)
New inundation countermeasures created by cooperation-Yokohama-type green infrastructure adapted to climate change- Thesis (PDF: 582KB)
Green infrastructure development to reduce inundation damage in sewer redevelopment areas Thesis (PDF: 665KB)
Introduction of Green Infrastructure to Adaptation to Climate Change Thesis (PDF: 793KB)
Construction of storage pipes under steep curves and narrow roads Thesis (PDF: 779KB)
Measures to prevent flooding by adopting ultra-high-speed curves according to site conditions Thesis (PDF: 930KB)
Effective air-cutting measures for existing rainwater trunk lines to prevent human holes from floating Thesis (PDF: 493KB)
About examination of problem of sewer pipe aging measures in Yokohama-shi Thesis (PDF: 668KB)
Inundation countermeasures in the right bank of the Ooka River Thesis (PDF: 628KB)
Efforts to improve technical capabilities in the design and estimation of pipelines Thesis (PDF: 165KB)
Initiatives for quick disaster recovery of sewer pipes through public-private partnerships Thesis (PDF: 551KB)
About promotion measures of existing trunk line sewer earthquake resistance in Yokohama-shi Thesis (PDF: 413KB)
Operation of existing rainwater storage facility water level monitoring system in Yokohama Thesis (PDF: 597KB)
Initiatives for Pipeline Stock Management in Yokohama Thesis (PDF: 482KB)
Challenge of Water Regeneration Center for Further Greenhouse Gas Reduction Thesis (PDF: 265KB)
Introduction and operation of weather data correction control for blowers Thesis (PDF: 589KB)
Measures against MAP analysis by mixing digestive dehydration solution and concentrated separation solution Dissertation (PDF: 404KB)
I can do this too! ! Energy saving at end-of-life treatment plant-processing water quality is not sacrificed- Thesis (PDF: 276KB)
Balancing water treatment and energy saving using ammonia meter Thesis (PDF: 388KB)
Review the pre-processing method for microplastic measurement Dissertation (PDF: 380KB)
About maintenance plan of coagulation sedimentation basin for the purpose of efficient phosphorus removal Dissertation (PDF: 420KB)
Introduction of a reusable treatment facility using both membrane filtration and ozone disinfection Thesis (PDF: 1,730KB)
About Mercury Measures at the Sludge Recycling Center Thesis (PDF: 332KB)
Management and management of sewage sludge fuel conversion facilities at the Southern Sludge Recycling Center Thesis (PDF: 632KB)
Renewing and driving performance of digestive gas power generation facilities using FIT Thesis (PDF: 1,303KB)
Electricization of rainwater pump equipment at Mansei Pump Station Thesis (PDF: 423KB)
Basic survey of microplastics in the sewer system Dissertation (PDF: 501KB)
Investigation and study of an increase in digestive gas due to acceptance of business-related kitchen garbage Thesis (PDF: 1,043KB)
Public-private partnership in the water environment field for cities in the Philippines in Yokohama Thesis (PDF: 399KB)
Crossing under the sea floor using mud-water type shield method-design and construction example of Shin-Isoko trunk line- Thesis (PDF: 861KB)
About setting example of Yokohama-shi model screen in merger improvement Thesis (PDF: 641KB)
Deterioration of cover (synthetic wood) at the Water Reclamation Center (sewage treatment plant) Thesis (PDF: 421KB)

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