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The 56th sewer meeting for presenting research papers 2019 Yokohama holding

Last update date August 28, 2019

List of announcement articles
Announcement title Article data
About effect inspection of sewage heat utilization system in Yokohama-shi Article (PDF: 533KB)
Yokohama model green infrastructure ... which fitted new inundation measures - climate change that cooperation produced Article (PDF: 582KB)
Green infrastructure maintenance for the inundation damage reduction in the sewer redevelopment district Article (PDF: 665KB)
Introduction to promenade base maintenance of "green infrastructure" fitting climate change Article (PDF: 793KB)
Immediate curve, narrow matches and is constructed retention pipe under road Article (PDF: 779KB)
The inundation measures by adoption of super immediate curve promotion to the spot condition Article (PDF: 930KB)
About measures without effective air for existing rainwater main line for prevention of person hole surfacing Article (PDF: 493KB)
About problem examination of sewage trachea kyo deterioration measures in Yokohama-shi Article (PDF: 668KB)
About approach of the inundation measures in vast Okagawa right bank basin Article (PDF: 628KB)
About approach of improvement in technology in design, multiplication of duct line Article (PDF: 165KB)
Approach for disaster restoration that sewage trachea kyono by citizen cooperation is quick Article (PDF: 551KB)
About promotion policy of existing main line sewer earthquake resistance in Yokohama-shi Article (PDF: 413KB)
About operation of existing rainwater retention facility water level monitoring system in Yokohama-shi Article (PDF: 597KB)
About approach of the duct line stock management in Yokohama-shi Article (PDF: 482KB)
Challenge of water reproduction center for further greenhouse gas reduction Article (PDF: 265KB)
Progress report of introduction and operation of weather data revision control of blower Article (PDF: 589KB)
MAP separation measures by mixture of digestion dewatering separation liquid and concentration separation liquid Article (PDF: 404KB)
This is established, too! ... that the energy saving - disposal of final sewage disposal plants quality of the water does not sacrifice Article (PDF: 276KB)
Water-treating utilizing ammonia meter and energy-saving coexistence Article (PDF: 388KB)
Examination of preprocessing method for the micromeasurement of plastic Article (PDF: 380KB)
About maintenance plan of agglomeration sedimantation basin for the purpose of the effective phosphorus removal Article (PDF: 420KB)
Introduction of processing water reuse facilities by combination of film filtration and ozone disinfection Article (PDF: 1,730KB)
About measures of sludge exploitation of resources center of mercury Article (PDF: 332KB)
It is operational management of facility southern sludge exploitation of resources center sewage sludge fuel Article (PDF: 632KB)
Update and the driving results of digestion gas generation facilities utilizing FIT Article (PDF: 1,303KB)
It is motorized pumping station rainwater pump facilities by forever Article (PDF: 423KB)
Microbasic investigation in the sewer of plastic Article (PDF: 501KB)
Investigation into pro-business kitchen garbage examination for increase in quantity of digestion gas by acceptance Article (PDF: 1,043KB)
Technical cooperation that citizen in the field of water regime to the Republic of the Philippines city in Yokohama-shi cooperated Article (PDF: 399KB)
Design, construction example ... of the bottom of the sea lower crossing ... new Isogo main line by muddy water-style shield tunneling Article (PDF: 861KB)
About setting example of Yokohama-shi model screen in junction improvement Article (PDF: 641KB)
About deterioration of (synthetic wood) to cover in water reproduction center (sewage disposal plant) Article (PDF: 421KB)

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