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The sewer business medium-term management plan 2014

Last update date March 27, 2019

The Yokohama-shi sewer business "medium-term management plan 2014" (2014-2017)
Securing of contribution and financial resources ... to ... disaster prevention, environment

●With the sewer business medium-term management plan 2014●
By the Yokohama-shi sewer business, we worked on business administration that assumed measure and finance two wheels based on the "sewer business medium-term management plan 2011" until 2011-2013. With the end of previous plan, we devise the "sewer business medium-term management plan 2014" to assume 2014 the first year, and staff each one works toward "security of civic life that is comfortable, and is reliable security" that citizen's as guideline is relieved forever and can live for this plan steadily.
◆Plan period: 2014-2017
◆Plan purpose: Commencing with management philosophy and management policies, it is medium-term plan of the Yokohama-shi sewer business which published aim and approach of measure and financial administration.
◆Plan constitution: [Part 1] Financial resources which support management philosophy, management policies [Part 2] main measure and main approach [Part 3] sewer business

●Way of thinking of plan●
◆Based on accumulation of the conventional sewer business and change of the times, we develop various measures, business that we matched with plan for Yokohama-shi Middle four years.
(disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage, environment and energy, economic activation, international contribution)
◆Financial resources arrest as thing which included not only resources but also human resources, the system, technique to cope with a variety of measures, business and update demand for facility which will expand in future and connect with base reinforcement of business administration.

Downloading of "medium-term management plan 2014"

"Medium-term management plan 2014" <summary version>

Summary version (PDF: 4,210KB)

"Medium-term management plan 2014" <booklet>

Booklet collective version (PDF: 7,278KB)

Cover, table of contents (PDF: 1,013KB)

Part 1 management philosophy, management policies (PDF: 868KB)

Part 2 main pivot measure and main approach (PDF: 5,103KB)

Financial resources (PDF: 2,558KB) which support the Part 3 sewer business

Reference (PDF: 1,332KB)

Back cover (PDF: 359KB)

Conduct result (PDF: 298KB) of medium-term management plan 2014 civic opinion offer
We appreciate your sending opinion.

●Progress management of plan●

We look back toward the middle (PDF: 1,456KB)

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