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Re-water sale of the central part water reproduction center

Last update date June 9, 2020

Re-water sale(saiseisuihambai)

The central part water reproduction center reproduction water sale device

The central part water reproduction(chubumizusaisei), in center, cleanedSewageIn (gesui)Hypochlorous acid(jiaensosan) sodakaObtain (eat)Sterilize(mekkinshori) didWED(do not see) "Re-waterAs (saiseisui)Application registration(shinseitouroku) was doneCompany(jigyosha)ObjectIn (we carry sea bream)Sale(hambai) is doing.Re-waterAbout (saiseisui)Interest(Kyomi)ji(is), too Person who hung down,In advanceIn (jizen)ContactAfter (renraku)to(father) to centerVisit(raijo) if can do; "Re-waterAbout (saiseisui)Explanation(setsumei) do.
Heisei(energy) 31YearIt is 4 (we do not sleep)MONFrom (gatsu)Reiwa(reiwa) 2YearIt is 3 (we do not sleep)MONTo (gatsu)IntervalIn (aida),The central part water reproduction(chubumizusaisei) in centerAbout(bake) of 14,000㎥Re-water(saiseisui)Sale(hambai) did.

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Telephone: 045-621-4114

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