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The car exhaust gas measurement station

Last update date February 17, 2020

 We call facility where facilities (various automatic measurement machines, tele meter which there is inside and outside office, the office) to continuously monitor air pollution are installed in "the measurement station" or "the measurement place". The measurement station of air pollution is divided into "general environmental atmosphere measurement station" and two kinds of "the car exhaust gas measurement station" by difference in measurement purpose.

 The car exhaust gas measurement station is defined as "the measurement station to continuously monitor the situation of air pollution in the neighborhood of intersection, road thought about and road edge of air pollution due to discharge material by vehicle travel", and "car exhaust gas" is measurement subject. Or it may be merely abbreviated "ji*kyoku" to "ji*".

 At the car exhaust gas measurement station, hydrocarbon (HC) measures other than nitrogen dioxide (NO2), suspended particulate matter (SPM), microparticulate matter (PM2.5), carbon monoxide (CO) which environmental standard is set, too.

 We install in roadside of main highways (Route 1, Route 16, Route 246, Kamakura Highway) in the city in Yokohama-shi.
 Plan of air pollution station to continuously monitor including the car exhaust gas measurement station is this.

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