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Guideline to affect Bullet train vibration

Last update date March 12, 2019

In this page, we speak advice addressed to the Secretary of State for Transport from Secretary of Environmental Agency which set guideline to affect Bullet train vibration.

About Bullet train vibration measures to be urgent in environmental conservation (advice)

March 12, 1976 nichikandai*dai 32
(we put the Secretary of State for Transport from Secretary of Environmental Agency)
Vibration to occur with run of train of Bullet train produces damage that it is hard to overlook remarkably in some areas along the line. As it is necessary to achieve the following present guidelines to affect Bullet train vibration measures to deal with such current situation, we urge to take necessary measures.
About measures that we took measures to achieve these guidelines later, we ask to urge each time.


1 guideline

(1) Revision acceleration level of Bullet train vibration urgently take preventive measures against vibration source and obstacles about area more than 70db.
(2) About area that facility needing hospital, maintenance of school or other calmness in particular keeps, you do special consideration, and take a step as soon as possible.

2 method for measurement

(1) Measure use revision acceleration level (unit decibel).
(note) when assume f (unit Hz) and acceleration actual value A (unit meter per square second) in number of vibrations of lead direct vibration, with revision acceleration level, say with thing which expressed in 20 times of common logarithm of the ratio for standard value A0 (unit meter per square second) of A namely 20Log(A/A0) (unit decibel).

(2) Measurement condition being as follows.
Oh, there is not cushion and do setting place of vibration pickup with performed firm places such as jufunfumiko me.
Setting place of picking up has i vibration with place without slant or irregularities, and do with place that can find horizontal plane enough.
Install cormorant pickup to vibrate in place that is not affected by circumstance condition.
Oh, assume movement properties of instructions instrument loose (Slow).
(3) The measurement puts upbound and downbound trains together, and it be said that, as a general rule, we read peak level of vibration every passage train concerned about 20 trains passing in succession and perform.
In addition, it be said that we avoid time admitted that speed of train is usually lower than time at the measurement time and choose.
(4) As for the evaluation of vibration, it be said that arithmetic averages half of higher things, and size of level performs in peak levels of (3).

Policy for achievement of 3 guidelines
(1) It be said that we take measures such as vibration reduction measures of structure as vibration source measures of Bullet train vibration.
In addition, it be said that we plan technology development such as vibration absorption measures of structure, vibration block measures immediately even if we take the above-mentioned measures as it may be difficult to reduce vibration in current prevention technology.
(2) It be said that vibration carries out measures such as the furtherance of move compensation, reconstruction of building for existing houses and reinforcement work as preventive measures against Bullet train vibration failures from remarkable area.
Particularly, we will plan development of vibration absorption measures technology of house immediately in future, and it be said that we take measures to reduce influence of vibration by house repair.
(3) In conduct of Bullet train vibration measures, it be said that it cooperates with anti-noise measures or other environmental measures based on "environmental standard (July, 1975 Environmental Agency notification No. 46) to affect the Bullet train noise" organically and carries out.

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