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Environmental standard of the Bullet train noise

Last update date March 12, 2019

In this page, we speak the Environmental Agency notification that determined environmental standard of the Bullet train noise based on Environmental Basic Law.
July 29, 1975 Environmental Agency notification No. 46
Revised December 14, 2000 Environmental Agency notification No. 78
In conditions on environment affecting the noise based on regulations of Environmental Pollution Prevention Act (1967 law No. 132) Article 9, we notify about standard to affect the Bullet train noise as follows.

About environmental standard to affect the Bullet train noise

About condition on environment affecting the noise based on regulations of Environmental Basic Law (1993 law No. 91) Article 16 Paragraph 1, we keep living environment in good condition, and what we maintain in contributing to protection of a person's health does as follows during standard (we say "environmental standard" as follows.) to modify the desirable Bullet train noise and the achievement period.

The first environmental standard

We do 1 environmental standard with just what to advocate in column of the standard value of the next table for each local type, and prefectural governors appoint area to apply each type to.

Environmental standard
Local typeThe standard value
I70db. or less
II75db. or less
(note) area to apply I to mainly says with area offered for one of house,
Area to apply II to is areas except I of areas offered for one of commerce and industry, and it is said with area where it is necessary to keep normal life in good condition.

We do the standard value of environmental standard of 2 1 with the measurement, value at having evaluated by the next method.

(1) The measurement puts upbound and downbound trains of Bullet train together and, as a general rule, about 20 trains passing in succession, we read peak level of the noise every passage train concerned and shall perform.
(2) As a general rule, we shall perform the measurement at altitude of 1.2 meters above the ground in the outdoors, and, for the measurement point, the Bullet train noise shall choose problem and point where it is other than point admitted that we represent the Bullet train noise of the area concerned.
(3) At the measurement time, we avoid time in special climatic condition and time admitted that it usually has a lower speed of train than time and shall choose.
(4) Power averages half of higher things, and size of level shall perform evaluation in peak levels of (1).
(5) We shall perform the measurement using sound-level meter which passed condition of regulations of measurement (1992 law No. 51) Article 71.
In this case, frequency revision circuit decides to use motion characteristic (SLOW) that motion characteristic ha is slow in with A properties.

Environmental standard of 3 1 shall apply to the Bullet train noise of intervals from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The second target period

We shall act as environmental standard with cooperation of administration concerned and local public entity concerned so that we are accomplished as aim or period to raise in column during target period of the next table for each division of area of Bullet train along the line is maintained.
In this case, in the area considered that it is difficult to achieve environmental standard in the target period concerned even if we take prevention measure of the Bullet train noise generally, equal indoor environment shall be maintained when environmental standard is accomplished by performing soundproofing construction of house.
In addition, we shall act when the area where was not able to be accomplished occurs in spite of the achievement effort of environmental standard within target period so that environmental standard is accomplished as soon as possible.

Target period
Division of area of Bullet train along the lineTarget period
 Bullet train in operation
Period to affect this
Bullet train during construction
Period to affect this
New Bullet train
Period to affect this
aAreas 80db. or moreLess than three yearsAt the time of the opening of business promptlyAt the time of the opening of business promptly
bMore than 75db.
Area of less than 80db.
iLess than seven yearsIt is less than three years after the opening of business
roLess than ten years
cMore than 70db.
Area where is with 75db. or less of
Less than ten yearsIt is less than five years after the opening of business

With i in area of b of column of division of area of 1 Bullet train along the line, area corresponding to local type I says area in continuing area along the line and says area except i with ro.

With Bullet train out of column of 2 target periods in operation, Bullet train under construction and new Bullet train, we say Bullet train corresponding to each next issue each.
(1) Bullet train Tokyo, Bullet train of section between Hakata in operation
(2) Bullet train of between Bullet train Tokyo, Morioka interval during construction, Omiya, Niigata and section between Tokyo, Narita
(3) Bullet train except new Bullet train (1) and (2)

During period to be concerned with Bullet train in operation in periods to advocate in column of 3 target periods, we reckon from day when environmental standard was set.

Conduct policy of the third anti-noise measures

When we carry out anti-noise measures affecting 1 Bullet train, we give priority to anti-noise measures for area of a in the vicinity of Bullet train areas concerned and shall carry out chiefly.

When we carry out anti-noise measures for area of b and area of c in areas of 2 existing Bullet trains along the line, we take the situation of technology development of sound source measures in area of a and conduct and the susumi chiyoku situation of obstacle preventive measures in connection with maintenance of the conduct system and resources measures into consideration in the areas concerned along the line and shall revise the one by one concrete conduct method.

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