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The official announcement situation (2020) of photochemical smog alarm

In this page, we show about the situation of day when photochemical smog alarm was announced in Yokohama-shi in 2020 (Raiwa 2).

Last update date November 6, 2020

The official announcement situation

One time of warning was announced, but we did not have report of health hazard in 2020.

The official announcement situation

The official announcement number of times

Official announcement day Measures type The official announcement time The city high of photochemical oxidant density and the measurement station and the time The city report toll The official announcement situation local other than the Kanagawa prefecture
1 Wednesday, August 19 Warning 13:20~14:20 0.128 ppm (Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building, 13:00) 0 people Kawasaki

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