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Topology of water regions of environmental standard to affect water pollution and the achievement period

Last update date March 12, 2019

In this page, we speak Kanagawa notification that appointed topology of water regions of environmental standard to affect water pollution of river and the achievement period of environmental standard.

October 31, 2000 Kanagawa notification No. 702

Topology of water regions (we say thing to raise to type of table of (1) of Environmental Agency notification No. 59) separate table 2-1 about environmental standard to affect water pollution in (1971.that the area of the sea concerned corresponds to about public waters to advocate in column of area of the sea of the next table based on regulations of Environmental Basic Law (1993 law No. 91) Article 16 Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 We set the achievement period of the same standard value to modify) and the topology of water regions concerned according to the next table as follows.

Topology of water regions
Area of the seaTopology of water regionsThe achievement period
Inlet River (the whole area)Bro
Katabira River (the whole area)Bi
Great Okagawa (the whole area)Bi
The Miya River (the whole area)Bi
Chamberlain River (the whole area)Bi

About the standard value to affect the number of the remarks 1 coliform bacteria, we do not apply for the duration.
"I" out of column of achievement of 2 period means the achievement with "ro" by the achievement as soon as possible promptly within five years.

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