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Usage of monthly report

Last update date March 11, 2019

Monthly report file can look at the contents by browser looking at now immediately, but, in addition, is considered to easily use even word-processing software or spreadsheet.
In this page, we have preservation (save) of monthly report file to desktops and show method to let you read, and to use to word-processing software and spreadsheet later.
In addition, for person programing, we speak specifications of monthly report file.

We see by 1 browser

As monthly report file is text file that contents of file are just readable as letter, we can just see by browser looking at now.

As part (table) of length, data forming a line aside fixes level to four digits of integers for all one hour, and value displays for one hour, comma accompanied just after data is prepared at the in lengthwise direction same position and becomes easy to see as table of monthly report format.

When titles are garbled and are not displayed definitely, "indication" of browser menu → "Character code" (depending on browser "encoding") → Please choose "Japanese (Shift_JIS)".

We store 2 monthly reports

When store monthly report file to desktops, File menu of browser → "You name, and please choose preservation".

(1) We save with text format

It is saved as text file (○○○○ .txt) to be able to just read with word processors when we just save when we use by word processor or text editor (memo pads).

(2) We save in CSV format

When we use by spreadsheet, we change extension of file name from ○○○○ .txt to ○○○○ .csv when we save and are convenient when we save as CSV formatted file (○○○○ .csv) which is generally used by spreadsheets.

In addition, when, by some browsers, store file, HTML tag (begin in <browser's original at the top and the end of original file > We add part) which finishes appearing and may save. In this case please be careful as you may be different from original file contents. When HTML tag is added, you cut file which you stored open with memo pads, and please delete part of HTML tag.

With extension period (.) of file name We usually show type (use) of file by character string of the right part from this in three characters or four characters.
For representative thing, there are practice program (○○○○ .exe), photograph (○○○○ .jpg), wall paper (○○○○ .bmp) now other than Web page (○○○○.html or ○○○○ .htm) that you are watching.
By package software commencing with word-processing software or spreadsheet, file which the software uses by default becomes exclusive specifications, and individual extension is touched. It is generally difficult to use file made by different software.
It is high file format of versatility that is used when we have exchange (the mutual use) of data between different software, and CSV formatted file is used for address book software in familiar example other than spreadsheet.
It is kind of text file, but there is simple promise that end sets plural data beside data with comma of half size between data aside.
When extension is not displayed, "tool" of My Computer or Explorer menu → "Folder option" → Extension comes to be displayed when we exclude checkmark included in the top of "registered extension does not display" by "indication".

(3) We switch from text format to CSV format
To change file which stored with text format to CSV format, in the case of MS Windows, is File menu of My Computer or Explorer → By "change of the name", please change extension of file from ○○○○ .txt (text format) to ○○○○ .csv (CSV format).

We use with 3 word processors

As file which we stored in 2 (1) mentioned above is text file (○○○○ .txt), we can just read by word processor and text editor.

As data part is 31st X 24-hour table procedure and is stood in line, we can easily make table if we pull half size ruled line at position of comma.

When comma dividing data and data is obstructive and wants to switch to blank, "search" of word processor and editor is "substitution" in menu (or "editing"), and "lump substituted" (or "continuation substituted"), please do half size comma in half size blank.

We use by 4 spreadsheets

File which we stored in 2 (1) mentioned above is text file, but the content is made in CSV format that can read and write by spreadsheet directly.

When we use by spreadsheet, we choose CSV format when we store file or are convenient when we change extension and it is CSV formatted and does file which we stored with text format once.

File menu of spreadsheet → "We open" → "Type of file" → We can just read when we choose "CSV format".

When you do not change extension of file, please choose reading with "text format".

In addition, the number of lines is "format" menu in 26 lines and long one → "Line" → Table compactizes and becomes easy to see when we regulate width of line to 4 or 5 in "fuku".

Specifications of 5 monthly report files

It was one station, one item, 1 or made bills of monthly report format text file monthly.

(1) Record length varies according to types of record (variable-length record), but is less than 128 bytes including CR+LF.

(2) The number of the records for 1 page of monthly report varies according to the days of month and is 34-39 record.

(3) Monthly report consists of Part 3 of upper title part, explanatory note part of central data part (table), lower part.

(4) First ... fourth record is title part of monthly report.
Measurement item name (2 bytes Japanese type nine characters), item name + unit (letter type 17 characters), the measurement station name (2 bytes Japanese type ten characters) are listed in the second record at measurement date (yyyy age mm month).

(5) (28-31) record is data part of monthly report from the fifth record for the days of month.
The fifth - 35th record corresponds when the days of month are 31 days.
There is data record day by day and it is CSV formatted and records level following name (2 bytes Japanese type one character) for one hour for 24 hours on date (two digits of integers) and day of the day.

(6) We make data record in "fixed length CSV format" so that plainness when we saw by browser and editor and input processing by programming language become easy.
In addition, we do not use double quote (").

(7) We express value at four digits of fixed lengths for one hour.
(a) The direction of the wind is transcribed in four digits of character string ("NNE") consisting of letter type three characters of right justify indicating 16 directions leading to top blank one character.
(b) Other than the direction of the wind, we are transcribed in four digits of integer types of right justify of zerosapuresu.

(8) In the case of missing, it becomes one blank and four digits of character string "***" consisting of three asterisks.

(9) (the days of month in the case of 31st) is parts such as explanatory notes after the 36th record.

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