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About monthly report

Last update date March 11, 2019

In this page, we explain "monthly report" that is collection of data which summarized result of a measurement for one month in form of table for each measurement station, measurement item.

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About pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide or suspended particulate matter, we calculate one hour value that is mean concentration in one hour hourly with we continuously monitor air pollution.
And result of a measurement in each measurement station is added up according to measurement items according to the measurement station every one month, and making (print) does table called "monthly report" that is collection of data which listed value for one hour for one month.
One hour value listed in monthly report is measurements that are the most basic as to continuously monitoring.
One day the mean calculates from value with the daily mean of 24 hours for one hour.
In addition, we calculate the moon mean, the moon such as yearly average levels and annual stat from one hour level with material except PM2.5. (only ※ PM2.5 calculates from the mean on day.)
And, based on measurements of monthly report for 12 months until March from April to the next year, we make "annual report" that annual result of a measurement (yearly average levels) was listed in.

Layout of 2 monthly reports

It is bills which listed value in one piece of paper (B4 side degree) for one hour for one month, and monthly report is listed in stats such as the mean or the moon mean for each measurement date, measurement station, measurement item on day.
Layout of general monthly report is divided into upper title part and the lower data part (table) to show for lower example.
Name, measurement item and the credit in measurement station are shown in upper title part at measurement date.
Number of value is listed in data part of the lower part in format of table for one hour of (the days of month in the case of 31st) for X 24 hours on 31st.

Unit in 3 monthly reports

When data form a line in party for 24 hours when we make monthly report as data including decimal point have much number of the letters, table may not finish entering yokamifuku (the B4 side). In addition, it becomes hard to compare numerical big things and small things when numbers that zero continues like 0.001 ppm form a line in table a lot only by having had a look.
Therefore, in monthly report, number including decimal point does the number 10 times, 100 times or 1,000 times whether there are several digits of decimal places, and it is common we convert into integer (we reduce the number of the letters), and to treat.
For example, the density of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) generally displays with decimal three digits (in total five characters) like 0.123 ppm using unit of ppm, but, in the case of monthly report, displays with 123ppb and three digits (three characters) using ppb which is unit that did number of ppm 1,000 times not unit of ppm including decimal point.

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