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Noise-control regulations Article 17 Paragraph 1 (request and opinion)

Last update date August 20, 2018

In this page, we speak Article 17 Paragraph 1 that it prescribed about request based on the measurement of vehicle noise in noise-control regulations.
For more information about request limit based on this text, it is set of "departmental order to determine limit of vehicle noise in appointed place area based on regulations of noise-control regulations Article 17 Paragraph 1".

Noise-control regulations

June 10, 1968 law No. 98
Revised May 31, 2000 law No. 91

-(gentlemen) -

Article 17 (request based on the measurement and opinion)

When we admit that living environment around the road is spoiled remarkably by exceeding limit that vehicle noise in appointed place area sets in Prime Minister's Office Order when we measure Article 21 2, head of municipality shall call for taking measures by regulations of Road Traffic Act (1960 law No. 105) against Public Safety Commissions of To, Do, and Prefectures.
  1. When we remove case to call for by regulations of foregoing paragraph and admit that it is necessary when we perform 2 measurement of Article 21, head of municipality can speak opinion in road manager or the head of relations administration about matter contributing to decrease of size of improvement or other vehicle noise of structure of part of the road concerned.

-(omission) -

2 (the measurement of the noise) of Article 21

Head of municipality shall measure volume of noise about appointed place level.

-(omission of the latter part) -

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