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Noise-control regulations Article 2 Paragraph 4 (definition of vehicle noise)

Last update date August 20, 2018

In this page, we speak Article 2 Paragraph 4 that defined "vehicle noise" to intend for in noise-control regulations.
In addition, about definition of "car" based on this text, it is determined by "departmental order to fix car of noise-control regulations Article 2 Paragraph 4" for.

Noise-control regulations

June 10, 1968 law No. 98
Revised May 31, 2000 law No. 91

Article 1 (purpose)
This law performs necessary regulation about the noise over equivalency range where attendant connections occur for operation in factory and business ground and construction and keeps living environment in good condition by setting maximum permissible level to modify vehicle noise and is intended that we contribute to protection of health of the nation.

Article 2 (definition)

-(omission) -

In these 4 laws with "vehicle noise" car (is car to prescribe in law No. 185) Article 2 Paragraph 2 in Road Vehicles Law (1951, and say motor bike to prescribe to thing setting in environmental departmental order and article Paragraph 3. We say the same noise to occur with service of) as follows.

-(omission of the latter part) -

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