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Environmental base

Last update date March 31, 2020

For realization of sustainable society, we think by oneself, and cooperation cooperates, and citizen, school, social movement group, company, administration pushes forward maintenance of environment base as place practicing environment activity by "interest, action, collaboration" to promote the making of person practicing environmental action to be concrete.

Makita Park environment base

The location

1-1, Shukucho, Minami-ku (Makita Park)

Photograph of environmental base


We utilize as place that the government collaborates with environmental activity group in Makita Park environment base, and sends environmental education widely for area. This base organizes "meeting of eco-salon which we wound up" by environmental activity groups and manages and runs.
In meeting of eco-salon which we wound up, we interchange with member group phase each other and local various groups for the purpose of "offer at opportunity to promote environment action opening environmental now and future of Yokohama from area, dispatch of information, promotion of interchange, cooperation" and develop environment activity.
Makita Park environment base is "place of environment action" run by Yokohama-shi and new method by agreement with environmental activity group not to depend on designated manager or governing board system.
Group of fields of gathering various environment cooperates with meeting of eco-salon and sends environmental action for area.

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