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Prize for the 25th Yokohama environment activity

Last update date March 30, 2020

Yokohama environment activity prize is system to commend individual, group, company, elementary school student, student, students performing approach of various environmental conservation, reproduction, creation positively in area.
We had you raise interest in environmental conservation, reproduction, creation even more and promoted local environmental activity and, for the purpose of pushing forward eco-friendly town development, were founded in 1993.

About prize winner


List of prize winners (honorific title abbreviation, the order of the kana syllabary)

Citizen's department (6 groups)
Type of prizePrize winner name
Grand prixYokohama-shi global warming measure promotion meeting (application material (PDF: 7,320KB))
Prize for practiceForest morooka-style of Kumano (application material (PDF: 2,180KB))
Prize for practiceBamboo grass Shimokawa reproduction project (application material (PDF: 2,265KB))
Prize for practiceCulmination hydrangea lets bloom; unit (application material (PDF: 2,265KB))
Prize for practiceYokohama Marine Park surf lifesaving club (application material (PDF: 3,526KB))
Prize for practiceRyokuen district activation Committee Ryokuen child watches; project (application material (PDF: 6,197KB))

Part (two) of company
Type of prizePrize winner name
Grand prixFANCL Corporation (application material (PDF: 5,549KB))
Prize for practiceApex Keihin Tokai branch office (application material (PDF: 1,193KB))

Part (2 groups) of elementary school student, student, student
Type of prizePrize winner name
Grand prixyokohamashiritsusanhoshogakuko (application material (PDF: 829KB))
Prize for practiceMeiji Gakuin University Yokohama campus goat weeding system project (application material (PDF: 4,590KB))

Biological diversity special prize (1 group)
Prize winner name
Bamboo grass Shimokawa reproduction project

Prize winner summary

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