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Prize for the 27th Yokohama environment activity

Last update date September 24, 2020

Yokohama environment activity prize is system to commend individual, group, company, elementary school student, student, students performing approach of various environmental conservation, reproduction, creation positively in area.
We had you raise interest in environmental conservation, reproduction, creation even more and promoted local environmental activity and, for the purpose of pushing forward eco-friendly town development, were founded in 1993.

About prize winner


Prize winner summary

List of prize winners (honorific title abbreviation, the order of the kana syllabary)

Citizen's department (12 groups)
Type of prizePrize winner nameActivity summaryMoving picture
Grand prixThe forest secretariat (application material (PDF: 3,495KB)) of forest, the climax of NPO law human wave

We utilize picture which we shot originally and, for the purpose of contributing to young healthy upbringing, maintenance of natural environments, art promotion, perform the spread enlightenment business about natural environments protection for many people from infant, the elementary school lower grades to elderly person. In environmental home delivery of cooked foods class to elementary school, we carry out cleaning of vast Okagawa and Chigasaki offing, Jogashima bottom of the sea, photo exhibition holding, public information paper issuance.

Great Okagawa garbage picking of December

Prize for practiceEkoda Taiyo Park protection society (application material (PDF: 3,213KB))By tree planting of park by volunteer and management administration of rosary, we aim at improvement of community-based welfare. 3,000 or more are visitors for rose Festival starting in 2004 every year in May in usual. Even gardening magazine was introduced as recommended spot to see rose. The sun Rose house is completed in April, 2019 and inflects as base, lecture hall.

Ekoda Taiyo Park (rosary) whole view

Prize for practiceGreat Okagawa dream road deck supporters (application material (PDF: 1,130KB))We fix waterside environment easy to use by security and, for the purpose of breeding of local community and attractive improvement, carry out cleaning fair for fixed period of precious hydrophilic facility "large Okagawa dream road" of the Yokohama downtown area. We carry out waterside-so, authority of north relation Isao Kita garden protection society, collaboration with Y.S.C.C., participation, SUP to social action, experience-based meeting of kayak, living thing observation.

MegaSUP Cruise experience society after cleaning

Prize for practiceKamihoshikawa residence (Kamihoshikawa green up project) (application material (PDF: 3,348KB))For the purpose of lighting town, person through flower, we promote around Kami-Hoshikawa Station, Shimacho, Higashikawa, local tree planting of Nishitani-cho. It was activity that we began in two parent and child at first, but we gathered assenters for visiting neighborhood and increased memberships to 58 people. Through care for flower, communication is made in area.

We increase with cutting which does not lose in intense heat either [coleus] and distribute to areas

Prize for practiceGreen bird Yokohama south team (application material (PDF: 4,011KB))We share aim doing in "town which is beautiful in their towns, and is cool" and clean for fixed periods of Ido ke damp land ward, Maita district, Sugita district, Isogo district. By lowering hurdle to participation as belonging unnecessary, give birth to connection, interchange of local person, to comebacks to normal life such as people of stop-at-home is a chance.

Cleaning of the town of Shin-Yokohama in day of the rugby final

Prize for practiceVillage Sea initiative (application material (PDF: 19,920KB))Not only we catch kombu as ingredients, but also pay our attention as seaweed contributing to warming measures to absorb CO₂ of about 5 times of green carbon, and cultivation utilizes kombu contributing to environmental conservation of the sea in cooperation with hometown fishermen's cooperative association. There is thing authorized as Kanazawa brand and Yokohama goods Yokohama 001 to development product and sells at various events.

Volunteers and "large crop!"

Prize for practiceMeeting (application material (PDF: 11,331KB)) of NPO law humanity will forest at the head of a river volunteer"We citizen protects water and forest of water source where we drink, and be brought up, and thinning in way will forest at the head of a river works as basic principles in what we succeed to the next generation". Among citizen and company, we carry out log limit experiences at thinning experience meeting and event and contribute to water supply of Yokohama-shi and PR of water source. We perform dispatch lecture/off site lecture to elementary school.

The making of socket starting thinning

Prize for practicetotsuka ekokodineta meeting (application material (PDF: 2,472KB))For the purpose of the spread enlightenment about global warming measure, we hold caravan eco-course and facility visit meeting which featured the theme of energy saving. We collect information about environment and perform plan to social conditions. In addition, we carry out eco-event or panel exhibition, lecture about SDGs under Totsuka Ward government office and the cosponsorship and promote approach of Eco on the basis of viewpoint of SDGs.

The recycling factory tour (facility visit meeting) of plastic

Prize for practicenaka inhabitant of a ward club: Rose classroom sectional meeting (application material (PDF: 5,899KB))In 100, Motomachi step park, planting cultivates strong rose in disease resistance to work on proof of non-chemical existence machine of rose in consideration of influence on human body and ecosystem with pesticides and no manure cultivation, and to contribute to the spread of cultivation technique. We hold rose lesson with maintenance of weekly rose once a month. We carry out observation activity that collaborated with Tokyo City University Akira Tanaka laboratory.

100, Motomachi step park and rose care scenery

Prize for practiceNon profit organization puratto (application material (PDF: 1,375KB))We work on maintenance of valley Yabe Pond Park where nature of village forest is left. We hold various events to get close to nature to feel the four seasons, and to have you understand importance leaving rich natural environments for area. In addition, we plan activation of local interchange and perform natural education, environmental education through experience and convey maintenance and culture of village forest.

It is pickled to knee in muddy rice field and plants rice and experiences

Prize for practiceMisato Bridge circle (application material (PDF: 4,676KB))Weed grew thick, and illegal dumping worked on tree planting along city street Higashiyamata Route 116 that there was while being in commuting, point of attending school route and carried out improvement in environment improvement, scenery. We planted, and deepened by training, area interchange including planter setting to associate industrial zone, and flower bed around the bus stop continued, and "it was selected for green and famous place 25 selections of flower" flower with elementary school student of Yamada elementary school, Higashiyamata Elementary School.

One of "we follow famous spot of green and flower 25 selections" scenery spots

Prize for practice"Local environmental improvement committee" to protect green and water, and to bring up (application material (PDF: 4,653KB))Around each bus stop in bus street of 3km to run through cause of much catch phrase, Sugatacho with wonderful flower, we install container and flower bed, and bus stop plants flower tree and improves environment. On seeing town Nami decorated with flower, we dig up impression of passing traffic and push forward warm town planning with greetings and enlightenment of green importance.

Planting work (Shinmei Corporation entrance bus stop) to container

Part (five) of company
Type of prizePrize winner nameActivity summaryMoving picture
Grand prixkabushikikaishakyosusumiinsuri (application material (PDF: 2,100KB))When is to wrapping paper with protection paper of plate-making plate to envelope and memo pad with loss paper exhausted in print; reuse. We suggest reuse and recycling to companies, and reuse envelope is utilized, for example, when we send report outside the company. In addition, we perform environmental seminar and environmental protection enlightenment for school and company, local residents and push forward cowound centering on CSR including conduct of environmental education.

Reuse envelope. We process disadvantageous paper of the cover circumference and finish corner 2 envelope and have you utilize when company sends report outside the company

Prize for practiceDAIICHI Co., Ltd. (application material (PDF: 2,665KB))We carry out recycling project of clothes. We circulate clothing which becomes needless, and was discarded to new clothes and resources. In addition, we develop "snap and underwear" and sell five phases of chino pants which can hem in one-touch without cutting hem as uniform which we can reuse. In addition, we perform local contribution such as local cleaning or bazaar (sale bargain toward the local resident in outlet grade).

"Snap and underwear" which can hem in one-touch without cutting hem. We enable effective reuse and are product which is kind to both expense and environment

Prize for practiceTaiyo Yushi (application material (PDF: 3,045KB))We hold symposium in cooperation with company of product sale that made trademark of RSPO (the certification palm oil) and food, the daily necessities industry and environmental NGO and promote the spread of RSPO in the country. In addition, we hold soap lesson, and about 1,000 participates every year. We do SDGs through imminent soap with opportunity that oneself decides and catches and bring up consumers purchasing who are eshikaru.

Approach of RSPO certification raw materials procurement

Prize for practiceTatsuno Yokohama factory (application material (PDF: 1,517KB))We introduce environmental consideration product or approach in the company showroom and provide opportunity to think about about importance and environment and energy of CO₂ reduction. In addition, hydrogen weighing machine made in the company is used for 50% or more of domestic hydrogen stations and plays an important role toward hydrogen society realization and works on disseminating information in international exhibitions.

"Social studies visit of parent and child" hosted by Sakae Ward

Prize for practiceConsumers' cooperative you co-op (application material (PDF: 2,992KB))By approaches to exhibit until the day in expiry date in donation, the expiration date to food bank of product which we were not able to send to union member by conduct of foods drive at store and various circumstances, we work on food loss reduction. In addition, we work on enlightenment activity to young generation including acceptance of lecture and visit for high school, university.

We work on foods drive activity twice a year at all stores

Part (2 groups) of elementary school student, student, student
Type of prizePrize winner nameActivity summaryMoving picture
Grand prixYokohama City Kanazawa Elementary School (application material (PDF: 952KB))We perform experience-based activity (cleaning activities of Marine Park) that featured the theme of the sea from first grader to sixth grader as Malin festival in May. In addition, fourth grader brings up seedling from kind of eelgrass and performs activity to get back to the sea continuously. We know thought of people working on environmental conservation and elementary school student is independent and thinks about oneself being able to do because the sea becomes rich and works.

Malin festival to perform in the whole school elementary school student

Prize for practice

Yokohama City Kozukue elementary school primrose project (application material (PDF: 2,427KB))
*Biological diversity special prize simultaneous receiving a prize

Kozukue elementary school switched activity to spread associate endangered species primrose of Ministry of the Environment Red List which we began in Shin-Yokohama Park and Yokohama primrose society in 2009 in Shin-Yokohama Park from cooperation to the main constituent and passed for three years. We switch to raw activity from sixth grader for 2.3 years and continue to be connected for upbringing of child who understands area, and is loved in area with consciousness to protect environment.

Sixth grader made root revitalization in December and transplanted in Shin-Yokohama Park in January.

Biological diversity special prize (1 group)
Prize winner name

Yokohama City Kozukue elementary school primrose project
*Prize for part practice simultaneous receiving a prize of elementary school student, student, student

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