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Eco-friendly action

Last update date March 30, 2020

With eco-bag, we go for shopping. We change lighting of room to LED.
In addition, in daily livings, there is eco-friendly thing a lot.
At first, because we notice.
We think about environment only a little and try to act.
We try to do only slightly eco-friendly invention.
Each person's small approach should help surely connect irreplaceable environment in the future, too.

We touch green and can be brought up

We touch green and can be brought up myself.
Approach of each person's small green up is connected in succeeding Yokohama that is full of green in the next generation.

Enjoy imminent park

We can realize importance of plant and creature which by getting close to park, are over there.
It is the first step to think about environment to feel that.

Buy fresh local vegetables and fruit

Transportation distance such as trucks before being progressed in table by rice field and field when we buy fresh local vegetables and fruit shortens, and CO2 is reduced.

Practice ecodrive

It is connected in not doing sudden acceleration and useless idling, and slight intention preventing global warming, and protecting beautiful air.

Do not divert oil to outlet port

We let oil gets cold, and lump, the sewer clog up and flow out by heavy rain in river and the sea and pollute water regime.

Go to zoo

It meets genuine animals, and it is the first step to protect environment to be conscious of living together on the earth.

Choose product with eco-label

Eco-label is mark indicating having been considered maintenance of sustainable natural environments in process of procurement, production processing, distribution.
It leads to following environment to choose product with eco-label by everyday shopping.

Value blessings of nature

Human living is supported by various blessings of nature.
Each one notices the blessing, and it is connected in following lost biological diversity to practice eco-friendly action.

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