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"Let's know! Let's tell! Connection campaign 2019 of creature"

Last update date March 30, 2020

On day (※ 1,2) of international biological diversity of May 22, feature the theme of connection (biological diversity) of creature mainly on environment month of June (※ 3), and "let's know! Let's tell! We carry out connection campaign 2019 of creature.
Each us practices immediate action to be possible for maintenance of biological diversity, and this campaign is intended that continuation develops environment action.
During campaign period, various events to be a chance to think about environment and biological diversity are carried out.
Even one has event go out even with family, friend by all means at this opportunity and will feel connection of creature!
<< this campaign "receives authorization as business that Japanese committee (UNDB-J) recommends for ten years of the United Nations biological diversity.>>

About connection campaign 2019 of creature

Chuo-toshokan plan display

Theme: "Connection - of creature to think about from thing - eco-label which you can do to follow environment"
Schedule: From Tuesday, May 21 to Sunday, June 2
Place: Yokohama City Chuo-toshokan 1.4 floor display corner
In cooperation with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Japan concluding cooperation agreement in Yokohama-shi and the environmental field, we perform panel display.
We convey that it is connected for environment action of biological diversity maintenance that it can work on routinely to choose product with eco-label that it is produced in consideration for environment to protect nature of forest and the sea this time, and thing was accepted. In addition, we introduce approach of company to be able to feel eco-label close.
We can read "100 ... that bookcase - all are connected to creature of biological diversity" (book for children contributing to understanding of biological diversity) in total on the first floor.

Event in each library

In each library, we perform panel display about "environment".

Display schedule of each library
Library nameSchedule
Kanazawa libraryFrom Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 30
Yamauchi library (Aoba Ward)From Tuesday, June 18 to Monday, July 15
Sakae libraryFrom Monday, July 1 to Wednesday, July 31
Kohoku libraryFrom Friday, July 5 to Wednesday, July 31
Kanagawa libraryFrom Friday, July 19 to Monday, August 12
Konan libraryFrom Wednesday, July 24 to Monday, August 12
Seya libraryFrom Wednesday, July 31 to Sunday, September 1
Tsurumi libraryFrom Thursday, August 1 to Saturday, August 31
Midori LibraryFrom Thursday, August 1 to Sunday, September 1
Tozuka libraryFrom Wednesday, August 14 to Wednesday, August 28
Naka LibraryFrom Tuesday, September 3 to Monday, September 16
Asahi libraryFrom Wednesday, September 18 to Monday, October 14
Isogo libraryFrom Wednesday, December 4 to Wednesday, December 11

In each library, we perform story party about "environment".

Of each library talk; meeting schedule
Library name Schedule
Kanazawa library Wednesday, June 19
Minami Library Thursday, July 25
Konan library Tuesday, July 30 (plan)
Kohoku library Wednesday, July 31
Kanagawa library Tuesday, August 6
Tsurumi library Wednesday, August 14
Tozuka library Wednesday, August 21
Naka Library Wednesday, September 4
Asahi library Sunday, September 15
Izumi Library Wednesday, October 2
Yamauchi library (Aoba Ward) Sunday, November 10
Midori Library Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Hodogaya library Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Izumi Library Thursday, March 26, 2020

The city hall display "let's know! Let's tell! Connection of creature"

Schedule: From Tuesday, May 14 to Friday, May 24
Time: From 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (is excluded on holiday on Sunday/Holiday on Saturday, Sunday)
Place: Yokohama-shi the first floor of the government building citizen hall exhibit space
Summary: We introduce biological diversity by panel display.

Prize for prize for the 26th Yokohama environment activity, Yokohama warming measures commendation ceremony and exchange meeting

The date and time: Thursday, June 13
Place: Mayor's Residence
In the result of plan, state of implementation of prize winner of prize for the 26th Yokohama environment activity performing various environmental activities positively in area and greenhouse gas reduction, it commends excellence company of Yokohama-shi global warming measure plan system that there was of particularly remarkable result as Yokohama warming measures Prize.
※Only prize winner and the person concerned become able to enter.

Activity introduction panel display of prize for the 26th Yokohama environment activity prize winner

Schedule: From Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 28
Time: From 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (is excluded on holiday on Sunday/Holiday on Saturday, Sunday)
Place: Yokohama-shi the first floor of the government building citizen hall exhibit space
Summary: We introduce activity contents such as receiving a prize groups of prize for Yokohama environment activity by panel display.

We put together for environment month of June, and various events are performed as well as the event mentioned above in Yokohama-shi.

In imminent life, it may be action considering environment to go casually.
We think about environment just to be conscious of it and are big one step succeeding to the future.
Taking this occasion, do you not assume opportunity practicing eco-friendly lifestyle?

(※ 1) With biological diversity
Rich individuality of creatures refers to connection. Creature on the earth fitted various environment during long history called 4 billion years and evolved, and various creatures which were said to be 30 million kinds were born. One these life has individuality in one and we assist all indirectly directly and live.

(※ 2) With day of international biological diversity
May 22 is "day of international biological diversity" that the United Nations sets. Various enlightenment events are planned in each places of the whole country mainly on this day, and Yokohama-shi appeals in cooperation with the constitution local government in "biological diversity local government network" joining, too.
For details, please see homepage (the outside site) of biological diversity local government network.

(※ 3) With environment month
In commemoration of "United Nations Conference on the Human Environment" started on June 5, 1972 in Stockholm, the United Nations establishes June 5 as "World Environment Day", and various events are carried out in all the countries of the world. Set June 5 with "environmental day" in Environmental Basic Law (1993) in Japan, and say with "environment month" in June, and, in country, the local public entities, recognize importance of environmental conservation, of action carry out various events to take advantage.

About authorized cooperation business of ten years Japan committee meeting of the United Nations biological diversity

"Ten years Japan committee meeting (UNDB-J) of the United Nations biological diversity" authorizes cooperation business that UNDB-J recommends from registration business of "nijumaru project" to promote participation and cooperation of each sector toward the achievement of Aichi aim, and 10 cooperation business is recognized for the sixth, "let's know! Let's tell! Connection campaign of creature was authorized.
This campaign "MYEach Yokohama citizen practices action declaration (wind up) and is intended to develop environmental activity and places various business, approaches, events in the city as each action and performs unified PR.
It became point of authorization that concrete public information effect to biological diversity maintenance by promotion of environmental education by cooperation with area bases such as libraries and development to the whole area was expected.
We will push forward various approaches from now on in cooperation with related organizations and group to tell importance of living thing diverseness to citizen's everybody.

Ministry of the Environment homepage
About Ministry of the Environment news release material "ten years Japan committee meeting (UNDB-J) of the United Nations biological diversity authorized cooperation business" (the sixth) (the outside site)

United Nations biological diversity ten years Japan Committee homepage (the outside site)

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