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It is introduced Yokohama-shi environment action character "pop"

Last update date March 30, 2020

Eco-ponno image

Yokohama-shi environment action character "Eco, pop!"
We love thing that is good for environment. Looking for thing that is good for environment, we always run around the town of Yokohama.
We want to do that encounter is good for environment together together with many people.
Everybody, thank you!


The name

Eco pop


(probably) Butterfly


Minato Mirai star Yokohama prefecture (we had come to Yokohama-shi with space navigator by mistake, but we said and seemed to decide to live as it was place)

Being interested

Biological diversity, global warming (we like environment where many creatures can live in)


  • It is blue and turns windmill with feather (we turn windmill "Hama wing" of wind-generated electricity in secret and seem to cooperate with generation)
  • Plant green

Favorite food

Vegetables (we have eaten since childhood) of hama greens brand

Special ability

We can find thing that is good for environment with antenna quickly


We act as soon as we thought

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