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73.(tentative name) subsequent findings report (new construction) which affects Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi station building plan (JR Yokohama Tower, JR Tsuruyacho, Yokohama building)

Last update date November 25, 2019

Subsequent findings report (new construction)

(tentative name) Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi station building plan (about JR Yokohama Tower, JR Tsuruyacho, Yokohama building, please see the following PDF files.
In addition, sentence, photograph, figure in PDF file becomes a target of copyright.
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The main story


  • 1.Community (1 (PDF: 4,925KB)2 (PDF: 3,862KB)3 (PDF: 4,883KB)4 (PDF: 2,960KB))
    • 1.1 Subsequent findings
      • (1) Vehicle number for construction in vehicle doorway for construction
      • (2) Findings in intersection
        • 1) Car traffic findings according to time according to direction
        • 2) Demand traffic calculation result
        • 3) Stay head, traffic jam long findings
        • 4) As for intersection walkers, it is traffic findings
        • 5) Low lapse rate by crossing walker of person of left turn
        • 6) Signal indication findings
        • 7) Saturation flow rate findings
      • (3) Intersection demand rate calculation
        • 1) Intersection demand rate calculation traffic
        • 2) Intersection demand rate calculation list


Yokohama-shi topographical map reproduction approval number flat 31-based capital No. 9007 in total

About the procedure situation

About the procedure for this business situation "73 please see Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi station building plan environmental assessment procedure".

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