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List of business (during examination)

Last update date February 9, 2021

From Environmental Impact Assessment procedure (general inspection) after July, 2010, we carry out public announcement of book utilizing the Internet.
From item of each business, we can confirm the situation such as procedures.

Business in Yokohama-shi

86.(tentative name) Sotetsu Main Line (the neighborhood of Tsurugamine Station) consecutive grade separation business

87.Yokohama-shi existing city hall block utilization business

88.(tentative name) the old top Seya communication facilities park maintenance business

89.(tentative name) is Seya line maintenance business in Urban Expressway railroad

90.(tentative name) the old top Seya communication facilities district land readjustment project

92.(tentative name) Fukaya communication place ruins Park maintenance business

93.(tentative name) Fukaya communication place ruins park cemetery maintenance business

94.Yokohama municipal subway Route 3 Azamino - Shinyurigaoka interval (Yokohama city limits)

Business (business that we discussed and asked examination committee for) out of Yokohama-shi

There is no business examining now.

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