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Traffic accident safety measures

Final update date December 21, 2018

Zero Accident Plan (Kanagawa Prefecture Safety Improvement Project)

The Kanagawa Prefectural Safety Improvement Committee requires that measures be taken from places where the number of traffic accidents (injuries and injuries) is large, places where the rate of casualties is high, places where fatal accidents have occurred, and places that are characterized by traffic accidents. We are selecting a point to reduce traffic accidents.

  • Number of Target Areas
    201 locations
  • Year-end
    From FY2016 to FY2019

Accidental danger point

In cooperation with the police, we will implement intensive measures to prevent casualties at intersections where the rate of casualties is high or casualties is frequent.

  • Selection criteria
    • In the past four years, the rate of casualties in the past four years is 100 cases / 100 kilos or more, the rate of serious accidents is 10 cases / 100 kilos or more, and the rate of fatal accidents is 1 case / 100 kilos or more.
    • The rate of casualties on arterial roads must be at least 5 times the average accident rate.
  • Target
    Deterrence more than 30% of casualties
  • Number of Target Areas
    12 locations
  • Year-end
    From FY2016 to FY2020

Accident-prone section (point)

As part of the Kanagawa Prefectural Road Safety Measures Council's traffic accident deterrent measures, traffic safety measures are implemented every year in cooperation with the police on frequently occurring sections (points).
In fiscal 2018, measures will be established for 21 sections (points) in the city and implemented by fiscal 2020.

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