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Joint inspection of school roads

Final update date June 21, 2019


Since April 2012, cars have entered rows such as elementary school student since April 2012, and a number of painful accidents have occurred nationwide, causing many casualties.
Under these circumstances, in May 2012, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the National Police Agency, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism collaborated to provide emergency joint inspections and other notices to ensure early traffic safety.
In Motoichi, we receive request from school zone measures meeting from 1972 and push forward security measures of attending school road every year, but school, PTA, Board of Education, police department, road managers, etc. since July 2012. Related organizations cooperated and carried out emergency joint inspection of city attending school road.

Planned Measures

Since 1972, the School Zone Countermeasures Council has been working with related organizations and local residents to ensure traffic safety on school roads. In addition, this time, only elementary schools where high-risk and urgent countermeasures were extracted by emergency joint inspections are listed. Regarding the list of planned countermeasures, only the locations where the countermeasures were determined are described, and some of the measures already implemented are also described.

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