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About gathering (coming-of-age ceremony) to celebrate "Coming-of-Age Day" after degree in 2022 (Raiwa 4)

Last update date July 6, 2020

About gathering (coming-of-age ceremony) to celebrate "Coming-of-Age Day" after degree in 2022 (Raiwa 4)

Adult age is reduced to 18 years old from April, 2022 by civil law revision. As "important place such as performing hearings of citizen questionnaire and affiliate about "gathering to celebrate Yokohama-shi" "Coming-of-Age Day" after the revised civil law enforcement (the following, coming-of-age ceremony) in Yokohama-shi, and having pushed forward examination, but coming-of-age ceremony after the adulthood age reduction being aware by social responsibility as adult some other time, and deepening attachment to Yokohama,"
For "unchanged 20 years old" it was decided.

  1. Main reason for unchanged 20 years old
  • There having been the most answers, "you should carry out targeting at 20 years old by civic questionnaire according to until now."
  • Most of new adults (18 years old) occurring at the same time with time of examination and job hunting when we intend for 18 years old, and becoming hard to participate.
  1. Process of examination 

We were living in Yokohama-shi and carried out questionary survey targeting at about 6,200 people of 15 years old - 69 years old of attendance at school, and, among about 3,500 people who had you reply, about 67% replied, "you should carry out targeting at 20 years old according to until now".
Questionnaire working papers (PDF: 1,206KB) about gathering to celebrate Yokohama-shi "Coming-of-Age Day"

 We carried out round-table conference with affiliate, well-informed person and, about coming-of-age ceremony after adult age reduction, performed hearing and had opinion, "you should carry out at unchanged 20 years old" as the general will.

  1. Name of ceremony
  • Gathering (provisionally) to celebrate Yokohama citizen who is 20 years old (20 years old)

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