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In lifelong learning ttenaa -?

Last update date March 4, 2019

With lifelong learning…
Illustration of teacher and student who takes class while looking at blackboardEach one is free,
We choose theme by oneself,
By means, method that oneself had
It extends over life regardless of age,
Necessary thing and a certain thing of interest interest,
When it is necessary, we learn‥‥
This is lifelong learning.

With in individuals or friend,
While learning happily,
We change way of thinking and way of oneself of life
We get opportunity.
And we make use of result that we learned in area and society.
That is significance of lifelong learning,
It is fun.

People in farmhouse and illustration which holds daikon which child harvested in hand
Illustration that it looks like we are reading one book in families

Role prospective for lifelong learning in the future

Society environment surrounding lifelong learning such as rapid progress of low birthrate and aging and diversification that is in the employment form, attenuation of human relations greatly changes. Not only it is performed for improvement of personal pleasure and self, but also citizen each one lives for lifelong learning through learning lively and, in such a society, brings up various connections such as people and people, people and community and respects various culture and is expected to perform for the purpose of making town which lives together wealthily while assisting each other more than before.

We support your lifelong learning!

In Yokohama-shi, citizen's everybody learns together and aims at environment creation which we can work on together. "We learn" prays for each person's learning activity being a support to create more livable society, and lifelong learning homepage does help to make opportunity of learning of "you".

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