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The 31st Yokohama-shi member of a social education committee list

Last update date August 17, 2018

(the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)

Full nameTitleThe committee member term in office
Yoshio AkiyamaKinokuniya Bookstore sales promotion headquarters Internet business department's manager
※Former selling over the counter total headquarters Kanagawa District selling over the counter manager and Manager Yokohama
H26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Chizuko OkuyamaNon profit organization binobino directorH26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Hiromi SasaiThe National Institute for Educational Policy Research generalization visiting researcher
※Former National Institute for Educational Policy Research lifelong learning policy study manager
H26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Kaori SaharaProfessor Tohoku University of Art and Design art department art section synthesis art
※Nine former Chiyoda Ward step lifelong learning building vice-director
H26.10.15 - H28.10.14
koi*ro (high Rokuro)Okura moral culture research institute's directorH26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Yasuyo TakemotoRepresentative from green leaves school support networkH26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Kaori NakamuraProfessor Tamagawa University correspondence education department department of education education subjectH26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Keiko NagaikePrincipal of former Yokohama City Shirohata elementary schoolH26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Chieko MizoueThe field of University of Tsukuba library information media specialty long information medialand professorH26.10.15 - H28.10.14
Kazuko YodaYokohama library friend representativeH26.10.15 - H28.10.14

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