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What you want to value at home-Hints for home education-

Final update date April 5, 2019

What you want to value at home-Hints for home education-

Home education is the starting point for all education. It is important for parents to learn that parents grow up at the same time as raising children. Why don't you look back on what you want to value at home?

Sleeping early, getting up early, breakfast

By adding the lifestyle of "sleeping early, getting up early, breakfast", the daily rhythm of life is created, and the brain is activated, which leads to improvement of academic ability and physical strength.
Open curtains and windows in the morning and add light and wind. The body clock is adjusted to make it easier to learn the correct life rhythm.
Let's have a good balance of breakfast. Eating rice increases body temperature, and the action of glucose activates the brain.

Let's talk with your child and decide the time.

get up early

What time do you get up?


What time do you eat breakfast?

early bed

What time do you sleep?

It is important for adults to make lifestyle habits.

Creating a lifestyle is important not only for children but also for adults. Not only children but also adults eat breakfast every day to create a state where they can work well in the morning.

Time to interact with parents and children-comfort to catch the child's heart-

For children, spending time with their families is an important time to relax and relax.
Actively create opportunities for communication with children, such as making meals with children and reading picture books. In addition, children can feel safe by facing the child with a relaxed feeling even in a short time.
Children sometimes seek skinship to see their affection. In such a case, it is important to take it gently.

"Read" = "I want to be with you"

As soon as the book is closed, "Oh, shi, mai." This is a sign saying, "I want to be with my house more."

Reading that you enjoy while feeling affection creates a warm connection between your family.



Caring and patience-Creating relationships with friends and people around you-

Create opportunities to learn about the fun, difficulty, and importance of people through various hands-on activities conducted by children in cooperation. In contact with many people, "heart to care for" and "heart to be patient" are nurtured, and "heart to value oneself" is born by helping and recognizing each other.
If you take care of yourself, you can value the other person, and you can actively build human relationships without any trouble.
In addition, children can have great confidence by being recognized by others.
Let's accept, recognize, praise and encourage children.

Relationship with People

Experience in "family contact", "play with friends", and "local activities" raises awareness of observing the rules. As you experience the fun of interacting with people, you will develop your mind to follow the rules.


Garbage disposal

To eliminate bullying and build a society full of smiles

We have the right to live "everyone", "safe" and "personal".
Bullying makes people unhappy.
Bullying is absolutely unacceptable as a human being.
To eradicate bullying, please understand the current situation of children and understand the feelings of children.

  • For any reason, bullying is not allowed. The first step in protecting all children from bullying is to have a strong will that schools, parents and communities will never allow bullying.
  • It is our adult's duty to notice small signs of children suffering alone. Please take care of your child's feelings not only from words but also from facial expressions and gestures.
  • Watch over the children, assuming that bullying can happen to any child. If bullying occurs, show a strong will to never tolerate bullying, snuggle up to bullied children, and protect them.
  • Adults around the children should share information and cooperate to resolve them.


"I will never forgive you for bullying." "We will keep the bullied child to the end."

Consultation on bullying

Don't worry alone, please talk about anything.

  • Bullying No. 110 <City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat 110 Calls0120-671-388(24 hours daily)
  • General Education Consultation <City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat045-671-3726, 3727, 3728(Mon-Fri 9: 00-17: 00)
  • Yokohama City Youth Consultation Center telephone045-260-6615(Mon-Fri 8:45-17:00)
  • Human Rights 110 (Ministry of Justice) Phone0120-007-1110(Mon-Fri: 8:30-17:15)
  • Telephone of Yokohama life045-3354-3433(24 hours daily)

Mobile game consoles, mobile phones and smartphones

I don't know anything about portable game machines.

The information society has progressed, and the Internet has become a familiar entity for children.
It is often thought that the danger of the Internet is only access from mobile phones, smartphones, and personal computers, but most recent mobile game consoles have an Internet connection function, and if there is a wireless LAN environment, it is easy to access the Internet at home or on the go You can connect to.
Parents should understand that a portable game is a good communication device.

  • Parents should understand how to use it and tell their children the dangers.
  • Understand that you can use the Internet with a portable game console and that you have trouble.
  • Parents should properly set parental control (* 1) functions before handing over the portable game console.

(* 1) What is parental control?
Parents must restrict the use of services and content that may adversely affect children in electronic media such as portable game consoles. Also, the functions of equipment and software for that purpose.

Be careful when you have a mobile phone or smartphone

When you have a mobile phone or smartphone, learn about using a mobile phone or smartphone safely with your family, such as setting filtering (* 2) as your child grows up, and make rules at home. Let's go.

(* 2) What is filtering?
This function divides Internet pages into "things that can be displayed" and "things that do not display" according to certain standards so that pages that do not want to be shown to children cannot be accessed. Filtering has various functions and can be selected according to the child's age and family rules.
For more information, please contact your mobile phone company.
Setting filtering is stipulated in the Kanagawa Youth Protection and Development Ordinance.

Filtering Internet Information

Raise and walk with children

Home is
It is always a place where children's minds can be used.
a place where you can sympathize with sorrow
It is a place for parents and children to grow together.

We value contact with the family connected by the bond of affection.

Basic lifestyle such as "sleeping early and getting up early", "hand washing" and "meal"
Caring for friends and others and judgment of right and wrong
What you can do on your own, sometimes the importance of patience, etc.

so that children can wear them
Please take a look.

As a guardian
Raise children and teach children
Learned from children and raised with children

Would you like to walk with me?

Four things you want to value at home

  1. Conversation and communication with children
  2. trust in children
  3. Experience activities and physical exercise habits with children
  4. Carefully connect with your family

From the proposal of the 29th Yokohama City Social Education Committee Meeting

List of Consulting Services


Please don't worry about it alone.

Child care consultation

each ward Health and Welfare Center

Consultation on child rearing, delinquency, disability, truancy, Characteristics and Action Issues, etc.

children's guidance office Telephone elementary school student Consultation Office

Consultation on education (truancy, learning, career, overseas transfer, etc.

Education General Consultation Center

Consultation on worries about bullying

bullying 110

Consultation on Child Abuse

Yokohama child abuse hotline

Consultation on puberty such as withdrawal and school refusal for young people over 15 years old

Yokohama City Youth Consultation Center

Consultation on delinquency, bullying, crime damage, etc. of boys under the age of 20

Youth telephone corner (prefectural police boy consultation, protection center) (outside site)

Telephone consultation on mental health

Health Consultation Center in Yokohama

You can talk about child care, family, any story or trouble.

Telephone of Yokohama life (outside site)

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