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Hint ... of thing - home training that we want to value in the home

Last update date April 5, 2019

Hint ... of thing - home training that we want to value in the home

Home training is the starting point of all education. Viewpoint of learning of parent "whom parent is brought up with child care" is important. Do you not look back once again what it is that wants to value in the home?

Early to bed, early rising, breakfast

By putting lifestyle of "early to bed, early rising, breakfast", there is life rhythm of the day, and brain is further activated and is connected for improvement in scholastic ability and physical strength.
We open curtain and window in the morning, and let's let light and wind. Physical biological clock is coordinated and becomes easy to acquire right life rhythm.
Let's have good breakfast of balance well. Temperature rises by eating rice, and function of brain becomes active by function of glucose, too.

Let's select talks, time as child.

Early rising

What time do you get up at the time to get up?


Do you eat in breakfast what time?

Early to bed

What time do you sleep at the time to sleep?

The making of lifestyle is important for adult

The making of lifestyle is important for not only child but also adult. We make state that we can work on well in the morning by not only child but also adult eating breakfast every day.

It is ... with a space to take heart of - child at time touching in parent and child

Time to spend with family for child is sincerely relaxing, and it is important time when we can feel at ease.
We prepare meals with child and read picture book, and let's create opportunity of communication with child positively. In addition, by facing child with relaxed feeling in short time, child is relieved.
Child demands physical contact to sometimes check love to oneself. It is important in such a case to take easily.

"We read" and "want to stay together" =

"Do, well, child which says, "read." as soon as close i." and book. This is signature to "want to be with people in house more.".

Reading to enjoy while feeling love makes warm connection of family.



It is ... by the making of relations with heart - friend of consideration and patience and person of the circumference

Let's make opportunity to learn "pleasure" to be concerned with with people through various experience-based activities that children cooperate and perform "difficulty" "importance". In contact with many people, "heart to be considerate" of "heart to endure" is brought up, and, also, we help each other, and "mind to think oneself to be carefully" has been laid by recognizing.
We can build human relations eagerly without partner being able to take good care of oneself when I think carefully, and being depressed about the number.
In addition, child can have big confidence as it is recognized by people.
We accept child and recognize and praise and will encourage.

About relation with people

Thing experiencing of "contact of family" "play with friend" "local action" raises awareness to follow rule. Heart to follow rule from oneself grows up while we experience pleasure to associate with people.

Mochi pounding

Garbage disposal

Because we get rid of bullying, and smile builds overflowing society

"Anyone" has a right to live like "oneself" "in peace" to us.
People whom done person did do bullying unhappily.
Bullying is never permitted as human being.
You torment and, toward the extermination, understand the current situation that today's children are placed in definitely, and please take feeling of children.

  • Even if there is any reason, bullying is not permitted. It is the first step to protect all children from bullying to have strong-willed will that school, protector, area never permits bullying.
  • It is duty of we adult to notice small signature of child having pains alone. Please take feeling of child from not only words but also expression and gesture carefully.
  • Bullying is premise to be possible for all children, and please watch children. When bullying happens, bullying snuggles up to tormented child to never forgive, and please show strong will that you protect and pull.
  • Adults whom there is around children share information, and please cooperate toward solution.


"We never permit bullying." "We keep on protecting tormented child till the last."

Consultation about bullying

Please consult about anything without being troubled alone.

  • We torment and dial 110 <City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat> and call0120-671-388(we accept every day for 24 hours)
  • General education consultation <City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat> telephone045-671-3726, 3727, 3728(from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00)
  • Yokohama-shi Youth Guidance Center telephone045-260-6615(from Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00)
  • Human rights 110th <Ministry of Justice> telephone of child0120-007-110(from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:15)
  • Telephone telephone of Yokohama life045-335-4343(we accept every day for 24 hours)

About portable player and cell-phone, smartphone

It is portable player not to know unexpectedly

Information-intensive society advances, and the Internet becomes an immediate for child.
We are apt to be thought that danger of the Internet is only cell-phone, smartphone, access from PC, but most of comprise Internet connection function and can easily connect recent portable player to the Internet in home and whereabouts if there are any environment of wireless LAN.
As for the portable player, protector will understand that it is excellent communications equipment.

  • Protector understands how to use, and let's tell the risk to child.
  • Let's understand that there is the trouble the Internet being available with portable player.
  • Protector will set parental control (* 1) functions properly before handing portable player.

(* 1) With parental control
In the electronic medias such as portable players, protector hang the use restrictions for service and contents that may adversely affect child. In addition, it is function of device and software of that purpose.

Wanting you to be careful when you keep cell-phone, smartphone

When we keep cell-phone, smartphone, we add and growth of child and set filtering (* 2) and learn that we use cell-phone, smartphone safely in families, and let's grow rule in home by all means.

(* 2) With filtering
We divide page of the Internet into "thing that it is good that we display" "thing that we are prohibited from indication" by constant standard and are function to prevent you from accessing page that you do not want to show child. Filtering includes various functions, and age of child and domestic rule put together, and they can choose.
For more details, please refer to mobile phone carrier.
It is stipulated that we set filtering in the Kanagawa young people protecting and nurturing regulations.

Information about the filtering Internet

You are brought up with child, and move forward

With home
It is always place becoming ground of heart of child
Place that can sympathize for joy sorrow
It is place for protector and child to grow up together

We value contact with family bound together in bond of love

Basic lifestyles such as "early to bed, early rising" "hand-washing" "meal"
Judgment of consideration and the right and wrong for friend and other people
Importance of it being oneself that there is by oneself, and sometimes enduring

Child seems to be worn
Please pay more attention a little

As protector
We tell nurslings child
We learn, and it is brought up with child by child

Do you not move forward together?

It is four that we want to value in the home

  1. Conversation, communication with child
  2. Confidence to child
  3. Custom to move experience-based activity and body with child
  4. Please value connection of family

Than the 29th Yokohama-shi member of a social education committee meeting proposal

List of consultation


We are not troubled alone, but please consult even about such a thing.

We talk about Seki surukoto child, home support with child care

Each ward Health and Welfare Center

Consultation about problems of nurture, delinquency, obstacle, truancy, character and action of children under 18

Children's guidance office telephone elementary school student counselor's office

Consultation about education (truancy, friend relations, learning, course, with overseas transference)

Education synthesis consultation center

Consultation of trouble about bullying

The bullying 110th

Consultation about child abuse

Yokohama child abuse hot line

Consultation about puberty such as young stop-at-home, truancy 15 years or older

Yokohama-shi Youth Guidance Center

Consultation about the issue of delinquency and bullying of boys under 20, crime damage

Use telephone corner (prefectural police boy consultation, protection center) (the outside site)

Telephone consultation about health of heart

Health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart

We can talk about childcare, family, any story with trouble.

Telephone (the outside site) of Yokohama life

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