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What is manabii? /manabii dictionary (glossary)

Last update date August 21, 2018

Lifelong learning mascot "manabii"

IconWhat is manabii? Iconmanabii dictionary (glossary)


It is mascot mark of lifelong learning that late Shotaro Ishinomori (comic artist) designed by request of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology free of charge. We put tomitsubachino "Bee" which "we learned" of lifelong learning together and were named "manabii". The sense of touch of bee is two, but there are three feelers in "manabii" to like of learning so that three corners are to head of character called "study". And we play a big role in infiltrating image of lifelong learning that any people regardless of age or sex learns happily anywhere anytime and works.

Seemingly thing entering "pot" which manabii has is seen in honey, but, in fact, with fruit of plant called "mana" (coriander (coriander)), Israeli people get away from Egypt and are given the wasteland from the sky when we went on a trip and seem to be food said to that we eat "only this mana" afterward for 40 years and survived. When people lived, as for Shotaro Ishinomori, as for "we learn", message to be indispensable would be entrusted us with.

*We extract than published by City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat lifelong learning cultural assets section "lifelong learning HANDBOOK basic crochet"

  • Assertion (assertion)

It is to assert itself after human rights of partner valued own human rights. Own sense of values was not so greatly different in sense of values too of other people in old days because we lived for society based on shared territorial bonding, blood relative.
However, movement of people becomes frequent, and, in the modern society, globalization advances, and people of a great variety of sense of values live together. It insists on wanting to say well after having respected human rights each other in such society, and it is thing by thought to be important that, on top of that, each other approaches.

  • NGO (Non-governmental organization)

We are translated as NGO generally, but companies for the purpose of profit do not include and become meaning same as non profit organization. Emphasize that is not aimed for profit, or emphasize that is different from the government; is different, but NPO and NGO point to the same thing basically and, in fact, in the United States, is hardly synonymous and is used.
But, in the NGO, meaning in Japan is different in words born from the United Nations from process of the introduction to some extent whereas NPO is American culture and word that system (corporation system and the taxation system) was produced as background. In the NPO, in group, the NGO which work on that domestic in constant area, implication called group which is active across border is strong. Speaking of NGO, we pointed to overseas cooperative body, but we call group protecting local environment with environment NGO, and width of the usage spreads recently until now.

  • NPO (Non-profit organization)

It becomes non profit organization when we translate literally, but non profit organization and one calling are appropriate exactly as organization in follower of the government does not include. Specifically, in private organization of every field such as medical care, the welfare, environment, culture, art, sports, town development, international collaboration, interchange, human rights, peace, education, woman, we do not ask presence and type of juridical person. It may be said that social movement group is a part which seems to be NPO most of NPO.

  • Empowerment (empowerment)

It is term which in late years surfaced in respect for human rights of world woman, discrimination abolition exercise by "individual people raising ability by oneself, and being political, and being economical, and coming to have had power socially and culturally". As for the empowerment to mean that "we acquire power", it is said to woman that we put recognition to have, process that by being able to decide, and turning, is going to affect the gender-affiliated state of role of woman society, and important point is placed in network activity that woman is particularly joint and acts.

  • Ombudsman (ombudsman)

Person who acts to plan solution to administrative complaint and administrative appropriate operation on behalf of the nation. By performing measures that we cannot secure enough in conventional administrative relief system, fairness carries out appropriate administration, and ombudsman does that we find trust for administration of the nation with duty.

  • Study company cooperation

It is that school education and social education make use of characteristic of each education function and plan cooperation. For concrete business of study company cooperation, there are the most home training classes at the municipalities level and is subsequently young course. At the metropolis and districts level, there are university, extension course of high school, participation promotion business such as the young people volunteers, school physical education facility opening business.

  • Study company fusion

While we go step further from there, and each element overlaps partially after school education and social education premised each role allotment, it is way of thinking that is going to work on all in one body young education.
In April, 1996, the word study company fusion was used in council for lifelong learning (the former Ministry of Education) report titled about "full policy of lifelong learning opportunity in area" for the first time.

  • Gender (gender)

Human being learns the social culture in society in process maturing into full-fledged human being and wears. "Manly action, action like woman" and thing thought about are the social culture in society where we live. Not natural sex differences, we say "the nature that is social, and was made culturally" that we acquired in society after we are born with gender in this way.
Aspect to depend on social condition such as culture, economy, custom, religion is different, and, as for the sex difference, it greatly changes by country, area, culture by the times.

  • Gender equality society

We say society which opportunity to participate in activity in every social field is found as social equal member by own will, and man and woman is thereby political equally, and man and woman can enjoy social and economical and cultural profit and should carry responsibility together.

  • Local study

Basics of local study can regard that "they know area" as "aiming at area for learning".
Through looking for local characteristic in local study, there are the sides of enhancement of personal life such as (self-discovery) looking for oneself and the side called development of community which is going to participate in town development. We know area and review area and are learning to push forward town development.

  • Partnership (partnership)

Because social movement is collaboration, we take relations that each group, citizen is equal each and say that responsibility is made up mainly of both sides. The condition is mutual independence with acknowledgement, equal relations beyond difference, role allotment based on agreement. As original role and significance of social movement come to be recognized, these relations must be focused on.

  • Brainstorming (brainstorming)

It is technique to give ideas as much as possible. Member speaks with annalist with host freely. Important thing,
1) You must not criticize idea that member showed each other
2) We draw freewheelingness, fantastic idea
3) We give many ideas
4) We improve idea of others and devise chain reaction
nadodesu. Member is told that around 12 people are good.

  • Panel discussion (panel discussion)

It is also known as representative discussion, jury discussion. Panelist and 3-4 called lecturers discuss in front of participant and are method that moves to the whole discussion in spite of being answer for question of participant after having heard that.

  • Symposium (symposium)

Participant moves to the whole discussion that we included after 3-5 lecturers suggest under the instructions of host, and they further supplemented information. It is also known as lecture platform discussion.

  • Role playing (role playing)

It is also known as role playing therapy. We set scene of problem to understand problem concretely and give some of participant role and let you play short play in front of participant. After having seen the short play, we move to the whole discussion.

  • Workshop (workshop)

Not people telling by participation type learning of we push forward while performing exchange of opinions and collaboration, experiencing, workshop of relations such as people learning, participant oneself shares opinion and idea of other people, and "noticing" is the training that valued process that "learning" "looks back" toward which "share chi is correct together" and does (have you announce for what you understood, thing that you discovered, having noticed today).
Activity in small group (around 2-5) thinks in individuals at the center and puts working time together, and fashiriteta (moving person) pushes forward program so that each other's opinions are easy to appear.
The number of people from 30 to around 40 is most suitable to push forward the training in one fashiriteta.

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