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Announcement of Minami Library event cancellation (May 29 update)

Last update date May 29, 2020

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we cancel holding of the following event.
I apologize to all of the use for the inconvenience very much, but would appreciate your understanding.

Listing to cancel

  • Of Saturday, May 9 Saturday talk; meeting
  • Is same all Tuesday, May 19; talk; meeting
  • On Thursday, May 28 knee of hug talk; meeting
  • Limitation woman on Thursday, May 28 ☆Individual consultation for you who want to work
  • Is same all Tuesday, June 16; talk; meeting
  • For Friday, June 19 adult talk; meeting
  • On knee to enjoy on holiday on Sunday, June 21 of hug talk; meeting

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Telephone: 045-715-7200

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