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Last update date October 23, 2020

Announcement of patrol situation

Patrol to Katakura of Friday, October 23 limits service only to return and travels.
Patrol to Minato Mirai assumes cancellation for rainy day. Next patrol day is Friday, November 6.
I am sorry that I cause inconvenience.

We are going to perform patrol to article body of the afternoon as usual, but will tell at around 14:00 when change occurs.

About change of parking bay of "south Hiyoshi" station

From September, 2020 to December, 2020 (plan), parking bay of the south Hiyoshi station is changed in temporariness (for outer wall construction of konforu south Hiyoshi).
For more information, look here.

About change of parking bay of "article body" station

From July, 2020 to March, 2021 (plan), parking bay of article body station is changed in temporariness (for public works of article body Chuo Park).
For more information, look here.

Important news (June 5, 2020 update)

We restart the use of bookshelf of bookmobile "Hamakaze" from Wednesday, June 10.
We come by reading, rental with bookshelf in the car out of the car and book of picture book corner.

Request in case of the use

  • Please take advantage of sojourn time short.
  • Please cooperate with a cough etiquette including wearing of mask.
  • As for the bad physical condition, please refrain from the use.
  • You carry out hand-washing, gargle thoroughly in before and after taken advantage of, and take precaution by yourself.

For more information, look here.

With "Hamakaze"

Bookmobile "Hamakaze" is car of special specifications that we attached bookshelf to. We ride about 3,000 books and go around 21 city regularly around far-off area from library.

Usage guidance


  • Library card is common with Yokohama City Library. Toward the use, we issue library card on the spot for the first time. You can confirm Address, and take (driver's license, health insurance card, student identification card).
  • In where library card was lost, report of loss can reissue issuance, library card of temporary library card.
  • Issuance, update, reissue of card is not possible when it becomes ten minutes before the end time.
  • For more detailsPage of registrationPlease confirm in this.

Rental, return

  • Bring book and "Yokohama City Library card" to window of [place to borrow] to borrow book.
  • Bring to window of [place to return] to return book. We can repay in Yokohama City Library whether book which we borrowed in bookmobile has you return at the time of patrol. We can return book which we borrowed in Yokohama City Library to bookmobile.
  • For more detailsPage of rental, returnPlease confirm this.


  • We can receive reserved book in bookmobile.
  • We cannot apply for reservation when it becomes ten minutes before the end time.
  • For more detailsPage of reservation servicePlease confirm in this


  • We can donate book which we have finished reading in bookmobile.
  • As book to be able to load is limited, person donated many books to, please contact number of 045-262-0050 beforehand.
  • For more detailsPage of request for book donationPlease confirm this.

About reduction patrol and patrol stop caused by stormy weather

  • By rainy day, we reduce and may go around. By reduction patrol, we perform only rental of book out of the car and return, handing over of reservation book. (but "Minato Mirai" with many reservation books "Tsunashimahigashi" station may become only return.)
  • By construction or stormy weather (snow or typhoon) of park, we may call off patrol. With bookmobile "Hamakaze" top pageYokohama City Library formula Twitter (the outside site)As you update information in this at any time, please confirm.
  • In addition, hang inquiry about business of the day in Phone number 045-262-0050.

Patrol itinerary calendar

List of patrol places

Patrol place
The location wardStation nameParking bay
Aoba Ward①The Nara northNaracho third Park
Aoba Ward②Then it is mountainThen it is mountain Park
Tsuzuki Ward  ③HigashiyamataHigashiyamata community care plaza
Kohoku Ward④South HiyoshiIn front of south Hiyoshi housing complex Administration Office
Kohoku Ward⑤Tsunashimahigashi3, Tsunashimahigashi park
Midori Ward⑥TakeyamaPark out of Takeyama
Kanagawa Ward⑦MiyamukaiIn front of Miyamukai housing complex Administration Office (5-4 ridge bottom)
Kanagawa Ward⑧KatakuraKandaiji Chuo Park
Nishi Ward⑨Minato MiraiGrand Mall Park Bijutsuno-hiroba
Asahi Ward⑩NakazawaNakazawacho Park (mushrooms park)
Asahi Ward⑪KibogaokaNakakibogaoka fifth Park
Asahi Ward⑫SakonyamaSakonyama shopping center south side open space
Seya Ward⑬AkuwaMitsukyo Ohara second Park
Izumi Ward⑭RyokuenRyokuen Higashi Park
Totsuka Ward⑮NazeExcellent Seshimo third Park
Totsuka Ward⑯Article bodyArticle body Chuo Park
Totsuka Ward⑰MatanoThe best park in dream apartment house
Konan Ward⑱KonandaiKonandai Chuo Park
Isogo Ward⑲Sugita OtaniSugita Otani first Park
Kanazawa Ward⑳Row of treesido mokoen
Kanazawa Ward㉑The eight beauty spots westEight beauty spots Nishi Park

Inquiry about patrol

  • There are cancellation of patrol caused by stormy weather, delay of arrival time by traffic condition.
  • As for the confirmation of service, patrol of the morning, please refer to number of 045-262-0050 for patrol of the afternoon after 1:30 p.m. at after 9:30 a.m.
  • Chuo-toshokan, please refer to Phone number 045-262-0055 (we inform of patrol information of the day by automatic sound.) only on facility check day (closing).

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Telephone: 045-262-0050

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