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Book list which thinks about biological diversity in Yokohama

Last update date February 22, 2019


It was local strategy based on Basic Law for biological diversity and devised "Yokohama b plan" (biological diversity Yokohama action plan) in April, 2011, and Yokohama-shi revised in January, 2015. (cf. "biological diversity" following about "b" of b plan trivia 1), by this plan, do 2025 (Heisei 37) with the aim year, and will set "rich living that feel nature and creature close, and can enjoy" as image in the future, and push forward various approaches.

Table of contents

What is "Yokohama b plan?"
What is "biological diversity?"
1 - creature ... to know
2 - ecosystem ... to know
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"Living (the outside site) that is hajimeyo b in Yokohama b plan biological diversity Yokohama action plan January, 2015"
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau policy coordination department policy section/edition City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau policy coordination department policy section 2015
In Yokohama-shi, we place maintenance, reproduction of biological diversity as key of measure about environment and devise Yokohama b plan and promote. Yokohama b plan is comprised of five emphasis appeals, four approach policies and concrete approach and aim until 2017.
<5 emphasis appeal>
1 b promotion (biological diversity promotion)
Child is crazy about! Creature experience
2 Yokohama creature experiences
There was bird! In pursuit of dragonfly, creature investigation
Forest of 3 connections
We protect forest of treasure house of creatures together and bring up
The sea of 4 connections
The making of making of sea which is full of creatures, and is beautiful, river
Environment creation that 5 creatures do well
Yokohama that finds a variety of creatures in approach that matched area
Word ... "biological diversity" trivia 1 ... "biological diversity"
It is said first that E O Wilson of biologist used the word "biological diversity" (Biodiversity) as the title of a book in 1988. Then "the word biodiversity or biodiversity (Biological Diversity) was used.
("how do you tell biological diversity children?" more)

According to "the public awareness investigation that Yokohama-shi carried out in August, 2014 about environment", people who replied, "we know to some extent" "to know well" were 43.1% by the word biological diversity. We knew citizen's about half being, and it turned out that we needed the further spread, enlightenment although constant penetration was planned.
Therefore firstly we introduce primer that basic knowledge about biological diversity is provided.

"<biological diversity> guide" (the outside site)
Izumi Washitani/work Iwanami Shoten 2010 (Iwanami booklet)
We wrote as guide for the leading person of maintenance ecology to understand scientific meaning of biological diversity and social significance. We comment on policies of the current situation, maintenance of biological diversity easily.
"<illustration> Story of the biological diversity and modern society "ring of life" 30 (the outside site)
Nozomi Kojima/work Rural Culture Association Japan 2010
We use illustration and figure for richness and comment on 30 keywords about "influence that foreign uncooked food gives" biological diversity including "making biotope". Not only it deepens knowledge, but also it is intended science and industry, that it is materials discussing over the way of civil society and is written.
"Biological diversity handbook for student and citizen" (the outside site)
Hirofumi Kamiaka/work south new company 2013
"Biological diversity and living, economy to learn for the first time" (the outside site)
Forest rare Ichiro/work center law publication 2010
Our life depends on many blessings to be provided from biological diversity and is in a relation not to be sharp even if we cut, how much will people recognizing that be? This book is primer written as human everyday life and business from the viewpoint of relation of biological diversity.
"Thought called conservation of nature" (the outside site)
Makoto Numata/work Iwanami Shoten 1994 (Iwanami new book)
The word and concept "conservation of nature" seemed to come to be used from the 1930s. It is ecological pioneer and speaks thought and concept, history of the conservation of nature, concrete example while work difference that worked on many conservation of nature problems including coral reef of Ishigakijima brings own experience.
"Economics of biological diversity maintenance" (the outside site)
Ayumi Onuma/choyu*kaku 2014
Economic activities affect phenomenon of biological diversity deeply. Then can you not keep biological diversity in good condition by economic technique? We examine maintenance plan from angle ranging from regulation and contribution to thing which seems to be against public lottery, maintenance including safari hunting with this book.
Diversity ... of level of 2-3 "biological diversity" trivia
Biological diversity is rich individuality and connection of creatures. It is said that there is diversity at three following levels in Biodiversity Convention taken effect in December, 1993.
○Ecosystemic diversity
There are forest, village place village forest, river, moor, tideland, various types of nature including coral reef.
○Diversity of kind
From the animals and plants to microorganism such as bacteria, there are various creatures.
○Genetic diversity
There is various individuality in form and design, life by having different gene with the same kind.
(biological diversity to follow together to learn with all Ministry of the Environment: than (outside site))

There are a variety of creatures which are said to be 30 million kinds on the earth now. We introduce material written about role that the creature takes and crisis to approach.

From "deep water of the mass extinction period of the sixth to untie mechanism of biological diversity" (the outside site)
Tadashi Miyashita/work work building 2014
In rich nature of Nagano, string unties living thing and connection and balance, problem of natural environments for example with various creatures author who grew up into insect or birds alone in the history. We touch common structure of creature and explain necessary knowledge carefully in understanding diversity.
"Earthworm and soil" (the outside site)
Charles Darwin/work Hiroyuki Watanabe/reason Heibonsha Publishers Ltd. 1994 (Heibonsha Publishers Ltd. library)
It is earthworm which is apt to be seen in unpleasant creature from the figure, but, in fact, plays an important role in nature. Darwin explains habit of earthworm in detail and clarifies life to increase fertile soil (the soil which gets fat, and is suitable for growth of the crops), and to improve the soil. We see connection with ecosystemic delicate structure and creature from unknown function of small earthworm.
"We follow the offense and defense of paradise naturalized species going to shadow vs. native species" (the outside site)
Alane Burdick/work Kazuko Ito/reason Random House Kodansha 2009
While we report about threat of invasion class, author who is writer of the scientific history notices that you appear from the world (= city) of population and should step into genuine nature and appears on trip. Record that investigated each place in pursuit of moving root of invasion class by oneself is spelled clearly.
"Creatures of waterside of Yokohama Tando" (the outside site)
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau environmental science research institute 2008 (creature series of river and the sea)
We call part of valley which hill plateau is eroded at rainwater or spring, and was made Tando. This book is guidebook to introduce creatures seen from primary schoolchild in waterside of Tando in Yokohama-shi for to adult to. The way of observation of creature and promise when we enter Tando appear.

Blessing that a variety of ecosystem brings supports our life and living. By "Yokohama b plan", we nominate Tando, forest in the city, maintenance, reproduction of the sea for emphasis promotion policy.

"Ecology which links the sea to the land which dies in the sea if forest disappears" (the outside site)
Katsuhiko Matsunaga/work Kodansha 2010 (blaubok)
We bring up creature of the sea as forest coordinates nutrition, water temperature, quantity of water. "Forest of fishermen" where fishermen raise tree of mountain exercise is pushed forward now in the whole country. Became the scientific grounds; "introduce a great variety of examples about ecosystem to link the sea to the land.
"Sensitivity of look Rachel Carson to sense of Wonder" (the outside site)
Mitsuru Tada/work University of Tokyo Press 2014
We introduce environmental thought of Rachel Carson and famous book "sense of Wonder" and guide that we let "intuitive power to beautiful thing and thing which you should revere" = "sense of Wonder" work and live in the modern society. We will look at nature, science, art, life, five social fields with look of "sense of Wonder" by guidance of author.
"Forest of connection" "plan" (the outside site)
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau policy section/[hen] City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau 2012
"Forest of Yokohama connection" is green tract of land including waterside environment spreading out around Mt. Japanese yen sea in southern Yokohama-shi. We sense "forest of connection" which is treasure house of biological diversity of Yokohama bodily at all the citizen, and the current situation analysis, approach to connect to the next generation are gathered up.
"Challenge of village forest construction Kanagawa, Yokohama" (the outside site)
*dohara*/[others] edition wound forest company 2011
We led the modernization, and history of Kanagawa, Yokohama that pushed forward the industrialization and urbanization was history of deterioration, disappearance of village forest. Pioneer approaches of natural reproduction, maintenance such as introduction of "Yokohama green tax" introduce with the current situation that village forest was lost and taking place problem.
To "future in environment without the source area environment substitute of Yokohama" (the outside site)
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau environmental science research institute 2009
Based on the source area water regime basics investigation of Yokohama performed for four years from 2004, it is gathered up about importance of the current situation and maintenance. We can know information such as environmental characteristic every basin, the confirmed animals and plants.
"We know maintenance ecology biodiversity of imminent nature" (the outside site)
Masayuki Nemoto/hencho*fukan 2010
"Maintenance ecology" is study to realize ecosystemic diagnosis, protection stained by human activity aiming at maintenance of biological diversity.
This book focuses on imminent nature and comments on influence that human activity gave for ecosystem and ecosystem and relation of diversity of creature concretely.
"Why is the Japanese sea full of (the outside site)?"
Hiroshi Kitazato/work Iwanami Shoten 2012 (Iwanami science library)
13.5% of about 250,000 kinds of sea lives inhabit there whereas the capacity of the sea around Japan is all marine 0.9%. There is history of Japanese Islands tens of millions of years with the topography, geological feature complicated in the background of this richness. We introduce biodiversity that diversity of Umino environment including ecosystem to assume toxic methane and hydrogen sulfide energy source brings about with rich color photo.
"Biological diversity" trivia 3 - ecosystem service ...
"Drink naturally and say with "ecosystem service" by words that are technical in silverberry". We greatly divide into ecosystem service, and there are four services.
○Supply service
Food, Wednesday and Thursday materials, fiber, fuel
○Adjustment service
Stability of climate or purification of the quality of the water
○Cultural service
We give recreation and mental benefit
○Base service
Circulation and the soil formation, photosynthesis of nutrition salt
(than "environmental white paper recycling society white paper/biological diversity white paper 2013 version")

If understanding about biological diversity deepens, we will tell people in circumference. By one of the emphasis appeals of "Yokohama b plan", b- promotion, we think about children carrying the next generation with "the leading role" and push forward the making of with opportunity having nature feel by on-site training, ecotourism.

"How do you tell biological diversity children (the outside site)?"
Kenichi Abe/edition Showa temple 2012 (the laboratory of earth library)
Seven researchers explain "why" we must explain that biological diversity is important in detail based on true experience, practice. There is introduction in interesting class letting diversity realize through original experience to name on acorn by "the name reckoning play with acorn" students of Chapter 3.
"Environmental research encyclopedia due to new creature" (the outside site)
Hiroyuki Uchiyama/compilation Tokyo Shoseki 2012
Investigation, observation to sense biological diversity bodily is introduced abundantly. As method, necessary thing are described concretely each, it becomes easy to practice more. Introduction of references, homepage, true tanka with a thing's name in it index of the end of a volume are convenient.
For "some high quality environment with environmental education" (the outside site)
Yoshihiro Iwata/work wind in the early summer publication 2013

It is important that not only administration but also citizen and company are independent, and approach of maintenance, reproduction of biological diversity affects. We work on cooperation, support with company and citizen's group in Yokohama-shi. We will start with being able to make various examples into hint.

For "recovery of natural reproduction business biological diversity" (the outside site)
Izumi Washitani, Hidenori Kusakari/edition Tsukiji book building 2003
NPO and citizen, the government collaborated by "natural reproduction promotion law" having been enforced in 2003, and approach to regain healthy ecosystem has begun to move. Example performed for little is introduced this book, and practice of Kanagawa Tanzawa Mountains is given, too. .
"Practice and possibility of blessing environmental education of biological diversity which company reports" (the outside site)
Hiroshi Ishihara others/work Federation of Economic Organizations publication 2014
We gathered "the Federation of Economic Organizations biological diversity declaration" in the Federation of Economic Organizations in 2009 and appealed for biological diversity maintenance for company. This book introduces environmental education example of company and comments on significance and role of environmental education.
"11 "biological diversity" which company works on guide domestic advanced companies and NPO, local government, university talk" (the outside site)
Biological diversity society/work JMA Management Center 2010 when company works
"<biological diversity> eco-leader ninarou ekorida formula text" (the outside site)
Environmental Planning Society/work environment planner meeting/work CHUOKEIZAI-SHA 2011
10 University base ... of "biological diversity" trivia 4 - green
"Green 10 University base" and area calling for are in Yokohama-shi.
・"Green seven biggest base" (a certain green tract of land where, well, there is in the city main pivot river riverhead basin)
Around Kodomonokuni district, sanho, Shinji district, Kawai, arrow finger, upper Seya district, Oike, Imai, Naze district, Maioka, Noba district, around Japanese yen sea mountain district, Koshiba, Tomioka district
・"Base of farmland, forest place with unity along river" (the middle basin of the Tsurumi River and the Sakai River)
Around capital field, Kamoi Higashihongo, Sugeta Hazawa, Kamiiida, Izumi, the Nakata outskirts, around lower Izumi, Higashimata field, Fukaya
(than "Yokohama b plan biological diversity action plan")

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