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We catch flying microplastic on the Yokohama library school Fuji mountaintop in the first in 2020: We think about problem to circulate through the earth outer layer of plastic [the end]

Last update date October 31, 2020

Meet people, and deepen book and encounter, knowledge; "learn"; from o library. Yokohama library school

Holding information

Shopping bag was switched to paid service as garbage reduction plan of plastic on July 1. However, by stay home accompanied with prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, takeout increased, and plastic garbage increased rapidly. In addition, disposable mask, nonwoven fabric mask made of plastic is discarded inadequately. Plastic garbage flows through the ocean through river, but it is reduced and floats in the atmosphere.
Lecturer discovered microplastic out of the atmosphere which floated in the sky on the Fuji mountaintop. We comment on plastic garbage causing global pollution.


Saturday, October 31, 2020
From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (opening 1:30 p.m.)


Remote conduct by Web meeting tool "Zoom" (Zoom)
And the best meeting room in Municipal Central Library the fifth floor
(in meeting room, we reflect Zoom screen. Lecturer does not visit. Going to add subtitles to Zoom screen.)


Zoom50 name
20 meeting rooms
(first-come-first-served basis)


Hiroshi Okochi
(House of Waseda University science and technology arts and sciences creation department of science and engineering's professor)
It was born in Kanagawa for 1,965 years. We are a graduate from Waseda Univ. theory engineering resources engineering department for 1,989 years. Masters degree course in 1991 Tokyo Institute of Technology graduate school synthesis science and technology studies graduate course, chemical environmental engineering specialty completion. After experiencing assistant at Kanagawa University department of engineering, British University of East Anglia postdoctoral fellow, assistant professor at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology department of engineering, Associate Professor at capital University Tokyo city environment department, assistant professor at Waseda University department of science and engineering, Associate Professor creation department of science and engineering, we teach the creation department of science and engineering from 2008. We successively hold assistant Director science and technology arts and sciences (plan, globalization charge, entrance examination, spokesperson) until 2016 from creation department of science and engineering school affairs deputy chief (entrance examination, spokesperson), 2014 until 2014 from 2010. Fair vice-director to utilize Japanese environmental chemical Director of Chemical Society, authorized NPO corporation Mount Fuji meteorological observatory after experiencing Director of atmosphere environment association now.

In book for "symbiosis of the earth, environment, the resources earth and the human" (Kyoritsu publication), "physics and chemistry (Nariyama temple) of cross-border air pollution", "encyclopedia (Asakura Bookstore) of the atmosphere environment", "Great East Japan Earthquake and environmental pollution" (Waseda University booklet).

The cosponsorship

Yokohama-shi Climate Change Policy Headquarters (Yokohama Eco school)

New coronavirus infection prophylaxis and request

  • Lecturer gives a lecture by Web meeting tool "Zoom" and assumes a part of the capacity (50) remote participation by Zoom.
  • Student attending a lecture in meeting room carries out in half or less of the accommodation capacity (20) and we secure sociological distance and perform seat placement.
  • We ventilate by limited open uses of air conditioner, window. We sterilize point where many people touch regularly.
  • Student attending a lecture in meeting room takes temperature beforehand at home on the day, and symptoms such as fever, suffocation 37.5 degrees or more, strong tiredness, a cough, throat, please write down participation in which is poor in case and other physical condition that there is.
  • Student attending a lecture in meeting room would like bringing, wearing of mask. In addition, I would like cooperation in hand-washing, finger disinfection before and after a cough etiquette and attendance.
  • The staff of meeting room wears mask.
  • By reporting with registration of "LINE corona news system" or "vote which you wish to contact and reporting written consent", can receive notification if you would like to inform of individual treatment when it is revealed that it was infected and used library. (voluntarily)

With "Yokohama library school"

"Yokohama library school" is general course "learning with book with people" to deepen intellect in library.
Of all of you "learn", and o opens a course in 2 series of "practical use course" that "culture course" to learn the highest results of research in science, technique, history, the field of arts and sciences including art learns knowledge to be useful for problem solution in life including law and management from to support from different angles.
As for the details of course raising and "Yokohama library school", please see "Yokohama library school" now.

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