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toshokande, hongakariraremasu (plain Japanese edition)

GentleJapanese edition(nihongoban) ("gentleJapanese(nihongo), JapaneseEven as for the person who is not good at (nihongo) yet Reading) which is ( It is easy to see Japanese(nihongo).)

Last update date June 24, 2020

About service

LibraryCan do it in (toshokan)

  • LibraryOf (toshokan)MediumIt is in (cry)Book(hon)See(see) rukoto.Debt(or) rirukoto.
  • Book(hon)henIt is sukoto (buy)
  • choIt is bemonono (know)Consultation(so)
  • Newspaper(newspaper),NewlyIt is shii (hit)Magazine(zasshi)See(see) rukoto
  • LibraryOf (toshokan)MediumIt is in (cry)Machine(we come and buy) (copyMachine(we come and buy))shiIt is ukoto (arrive)
  • LibraryOf (toshokan)MediumSit down on chair in (cry)BookRead (hon)

※There is fewThe number of peopleIn (ninzuu)LibraryIn (toshokan)Come(come) tekudasai.
LibraryIn (toshokan)Come(ku) Please do rutokiha, mask.

Administration(Gyosei) service corner,District(chiku) in centerReservationOf (bake)Book(hon)Reputation(u) ketori(and) rukotogadekimasu

ReservationDo (bake)PreparationWe were able to do it (get ready)Book(hon)Magazine(zasshi)Reputation(u) ketori(and) rukotogadekimasu.


About event

Event and storyMeetingOf eachLibraryIn (toshokan)bun(come) Please be.
LibraryOf (toshokan)Phone number(telephone number) is seen in this page.

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Board of Education Secretariat Chuo-toshokan plan administration section

Telephone: 045-262-7334

Telephone: 045-262-7334

Fax: 045-262-0052

E-Mail address [email protected]

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